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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Disneyland Trip

This is the start of our vacations - We arrived Friday night and started out Saturday morning with a hotel pillow fight. This is becoming a tradition that the kids love.
 I love James action shot - mid air.

Elinor just looks like she's about to get a smack down.

She is not one to take it lightly. She joins the fray.

And here is the pretty girl ready for her Disney day.

I love the piggy tails.

Start your morning with a cup o' joe... actually it was cranberry juice and she couldn't get enough of it.

Jason is known for getting the worst parking spots in the Mickey & Friends Parking Garage. He figured out a system and we got ace parking all week long, in the primo Chip n' Dale level - ground floor.

clue #1 - Where are we? (do you really need a hint?)

waiting for Jason to change our tickets (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa) into annual passes.

James, Paige, Abbey & Elle

 My beautiful girls - Paige & Abbey

 still waiting - so we start posing, Paige poses with her girl Minnie.

James organizing the photo shoot. 

the girls & Daisy

Abbey & the chicken lady (I'm sure she has a cool name but we call her "baauuckie" 

She isn't one to come up with original poses despite Paige's best efforts to pose her.

the 5 little pigs going off to work (I wouldn't call Elle a pig - she is more of a piglet)

take 2 - Elle still not interested in what we are doing.

Abbey loves Donald right now. 

Paige doesn't make a very good pig. She is just too cute.

 the girls in pink.

James & Abbey posing with the muppets - Abbey loves the commercial where Miss Piggy bangs her head on the desk (Ow! that hurt.)

Elle doing her own thing.

Not too interested in us - Dang those passes are taking a long time.

 clue #2 - Where are we? (hint: not Bugs Life)

clue #3 - Where are we? 

Elle was really taken with the larger then life Buzz at the beginning of the ride.

 clue #4 - Where are we?

 clue #5 - Where are we? (hint: potty dancing)

 clue #6 Where are we? (clue: Cheshire)

 ... and more pictures from our big wait - just out of order

 Paige already practicing her poses.

James & Paige with their lanyard full of pins ready to trade.

 handsome boy - my James.

...just waiting!!!

 and a few more from the mornings pillow fight - these are really out of order and I'm not patient enough to fix them (but who doesn't love a baby in a diaper?)

 Abbey's action shot.

 We love the Nemo ride.

 Abbey was so amazed at everything.

 I love this guy - He's still hot stuff after 13 years.

Elle loved this ride too, nothings better then your own personal front row seat.

 clue #7 - Where are we? (hint: wild)

 clue #8 - Where are we? (hint: really close to the above picture)

The birds sing words and the Abbey's croon...

We did the Tikki Room at least 5 times this trip - it was a family favorite.

clue #9 - Where are we? (hint:the gods have been angered by all this singing)

Abbey, Jason & Elle

 Paige & James

clue #10 - Where are we? 

Abbey's first ride on Splash - she's not a fan.

This picture is for Annette and it will always make me laugh at my dorky self. 

 Elle at the end of the day - dead asleep waiting for her bath.

 clue #11 - Where are we? (hint: a grand view)

 Space Mountain - I love James face in this!

 Toy Story Midway Mania - the best ride in California Adventure for the whole family

James, Donald, Abbey, Paige & Elle 

Abbey was so happy to see that duck! 

Elle loved Pluto - anything with a dog

 Abbey, Paige, Pluto, James & Elle

clue #12 - Where are we? (hint: reservations not required)

 Mom & Paige - on my favorite ride

 clue #13 - Where are we?

 Tower of Terror - bwawawawaaaaa!!

clue #14 - Where are we?

clue #15 - Where are we? (hint: smell of oranges)

clue #16 - Where are we? (hint: not Disneyland)

an old classic!

ok. so it's not that old - but everyone loves this ride.

 clue #17 - Where are we? (hint: whistle)

My crazy kids - end of the day 

 Good Night Disneyland!

another morning - another tram ride from the parking garage (this was Paige's fav ride as a toddler)

Abbey already making faces!

 and squealing - I love all the room now and not having to fold up strollers...

 Me & my oldest and youngest.

 clue #18 - Where are we?

Paige just stopping by to say "How"

 or "Ni Hao" or "Hola" or "Ciao"

clue #19 - Where are we?

clue #20 - Where are we?

clue #21 - Where are we? 

clue #22 - Where are we? 

Elle meets Minnie

She was completely taken by her

Elle trying to kiss on Minnie

Mom, Elle, Minnie, and Abbey

Abbey loves her girl Minnie

tea time anyone?

clue #23 - Where are we?

Attn: Crazy dRivEr!!

 really - not kidding!!! Crazy girl on the loose.

 clue #24 - Where are we?

 clue #25 - Where are we?

 James playing dead

 clue #26 - Where are we?

 clue #27 - Where are we?

James makes the best faces! 

clue #28 - Where are we? 

Paige & James - just hanging out

My kids thought this wall was a puzzle piece.

Paige would fit herself into the crevice every time we waited in line for Buzz Lightyear.

 Almost all there.

 Ok. Maybe not.

 clue #29 Where are we? (hint: dry goods)

All the kids - Jason, Elle, Paige, Sadie, James, Abbey, and Cody 

 bfc - best friend cousin (Paige & Sadie)

 poor thing - not wanting to be a part of this picture stuff

 James, Abbey & Cody

We ran into James bff, Seth at the park one day. They had a blast riding a couple rides together.

Cody on Splash Mountain

Abbey is still not a fan of this ride, (it's ok she will learn) 

Tiffany (Seth's mom), Seth & James

Abbey ready to ride the best ride at Disneyland!

the canoes!

 clue# 30 - Where are we? (hint: happy haunts close by)

 clue #31 - Where are we?

clue #32 - Where are we? (hint: this rides original to Walt's Days)

 Who doesn't love the new Star Tours? Sades & Paige getting ready to go on it.

 These girls are crazy and this ride ROCKS!

Elle & Grandpa Ron enjoying a parade

Parades are one of the best parts of Disneyland.

 Elle waved almost the entire parade - so cute. Now if they would only bring back the BEST parade ever (Electrical Light Parade)

 Seth, James, Paige & Sadie - having fun

 these funny kids teasing each other

"and then I said...."

 clue #33 - Where are we?

 clue #34 - Where are we?

Sadier & Paige on Screaming - not the best line 

clue #35 - Where are we?

clue #36 - Where are we?

clue #37 - Where are we? (hint: Italian food)

 Cody & James watching World of Color from the midway area.

Sadie & Grandpa

 James, can't believe my son will be 8 this year. 

clue #38 - Where are we? 

clue #39 - Where are we? (hint: walrus)

 Cody & Paige waiting for Tower of Terror - Cody's first time.

James has been on the ride a few times and needed some bribing - doesn't mean he has to like it

Sadie & Grandma Nette

Girl Time - with Rapid Rapids

 Paige & mom

hold on Grandma we are about to get WET!!

Sadie, Doug, and Paige

 These girls are dog lovers 

Paige, lost/found Cody, James & Sadie

 Yes, we are on this ride but so is the boy of Sadie's dreams (aka the blue jacket boy - middle back row)

 She giggled and flirted the whole line through

 Look who we ran into - Aunt Jeanne & Uncle Lacey

Sadie, Jade, & Lauren

Lacey seems a little too relaxed

clue #40 - Where are we? (hint: boo)

clue #41 - Where are we? (hint: usually you see Cruella nearby)

see what I mean? They love this wall... 

 Elle joins in the fun

 Tink was out but we sampled the pixie dust anyway

 clue #42 - Where are we?

 teacups - Paige, Abbey & Maren

Oh, How we love this place... goodbye until next time.