Sunday, August 16, 2009

beware of pride... seriously

This delayed entry comes with a price, literally. I'm cautioning all the 3 people who read this blog to BEWARE of PRIDE... or in our case, a prideful checking account. 

Don't let your "ca" (checking account) start bragging around the bank to all the other checking accounts about how you might actually be catching up on all your bills. 

Don't let "ca" taunt others that you've started saving for a family trip to Disneyland in the fall. 

Don't even hint to "ca" that your husband's on-call and countless weekend hours, where you get to play single mom at church or at family activities, might actually start helping you pay back your student loans. 

And most importantly (aka - the kiss of death) Please don't let "ca" overhear you talking about the possibility of using your tax returns to buy a humble little tent/trailer, or he will blog about it and before you know it... bursting with pride, your haughty bank account will be called to repentance, forced to be humble through circumstance and you can kiss any financial stability goodbye.

This might happen - beware of free range cows on the prowl:

or this (your diehard VW giving up the ghost after a long hearty 9 years of service and 182,000 miles of life, and countless oil leaks). Unfortunately the repairs exceed the monetary value of the car. So we must bid "Snow White" (named by Paige) goodbye and hope that she will enjoy a productive life in the wrecking yard (it's like being an organ donor for other cars, good girl!)

then there is always the possibility of having an unfixable gas leak (according to 4 repairmen and 2 city gas inspectors) and having to replace this...

and lastly getting Jason's motorcycle back on the road after sitting for a year and a half, took a bite out of "ca's" attitude problem.

SO if your wondering how you can donate to the Buchanan's Beware of Checking Account Pride - we are accepting donations in the most lucrative median posible, PRAYER.