Saturday, April 26, 2008

my baby is growing up...

Why is it so hard watching your oldest take new steps and grow up? She's loosing teeth, taking on the responsibility of pets, homework, cleaning her room, she's being invited to birthday parties, getting good grades, and she's calling boys... what happened to my chubby little baby girl? I yell at her all the time to "stop growing" and "go back!" so I can hear her cute prattle again or rock her to sleep at night. I know why kindergarten is a love/hate relationship with parents - they have to see their babies grow and take new steps. She reads and spells to me all the time. She is so smart & so cute it breaks my heart to think that boys will be calling her (because she is a cutie) in a few years.

well, she took another big step.
She decided she wanted her ears pierced. I decided when she was a baby that I wanted it to be her choice & when she thought she was ready, we'd go do it.

She warmed up to the idea about a week ago when she saw these earrings that I bought off of etsy.
Then yesterday she called one of her all-time favorite bff's Grandma Nette and planned a "Girls Day Out" - including lunch at the mall & ice creams - she had her moral support lined up & we set out to get 'er done.
She was giddy & silly on the way to the mall & while picking out some darling pink flower earrings at the store.
The girl marked her ears and Paige gave her the okay.
Then the first pierce & Paige broke down. Big huge alligator tears flowed down her cheeks and she didn't want the other one done but braved it out.
At lunch & ice cream after she said they didn't even hurt.

But my heart ached seeing my big girl looking back at me with a big smile & pierced ears.

Friday, April 18, 2008

crazy busy week... tragedy & contentment found

Part 1 - "No more fish"

Our good friends (the Perry's) offered to give Paige one of their fish since they just had babies. I was away when they picked it up but when I got home that night I asked Jason about the fish & he said it was fine and he put it in her tank.... oh no! I never cleaned it out after the last fish died. I ran in her room and said "Oh crap!" Paige sat straight up in bed and started crying. She said she didn't want any more fish. They die too much. I asked Jason to get the fish out of her room before she saw it in the morning - he grabbed the whole tank & threw it away. He said, "No more fish." The picture above is James impersonation of a dead fish. It makes me laugh every time I see it. No more fish.

Part 2 - "the Haircut"
It seems like most moms have horror stories of their kids & scissors. My little sister Megan had a mullet for quite a few years because she wouldn't leave her hair alone and recently my friend Abbey had to give her 3 year old a pixie cut to salvage the damage that Olivia had done. I thought I got off easy with Paige. She had gone almost 6 years not cutting her own hair... until Wednesday morning I was coming out her hair for school and noticed a chunk missing dead center in the front. I asked her if she wanted her hair like Olivia's & she started crying and saying she was sorry and would never do it again. I told her I didn't care how she wanted her hair short/long/curly/straight - whatever... She is not licensed to cut her own hair & we would go see our cousin Sara who was a professional to do her hair however she wants it.

Sara suggested we cut bangs. I agreed it was the only thing that would cover her crazy mess-up. When Sara started cutting bangs Paige saw a few chunks fall and started crying, thinking she was getting a pixie cut. Sara assured her and reminded her of all her cute cousins with bangs and that quieted her down. When she actually saw herself she was happy and kept smiling at her cute self. She looks like a completely different girl, don't you think?

Part 3 - Happy James Day
James day is Friday. We go to the park with all his friends and play for a long while then we usually go out to lunch and spend some "mommy & me time" then head home in time for Paige to get out of school. This Friday was super busy because I was determined to buy a few new things (now that everything is getting too tight) - Anyway, he was such a sport and as an added bonus we got to stop by the hospital and visit Jason. A nurse met us out front & lead us through the labyrinth to get to Jason. The entire way he talked her ear off. James didn't recognize Jason with his mask & head covering on. But when he saw it was his dad he ran right up to him.

My two handsome men...

Part 4 - "Me Time"

So Saturday was "me time". I completely neglected my house, husband & kids (as much as they would let me) and spent the day sewing, and spending $ at Joann's. Which I swear I will not do until the stack of fabric sitting in my kitchen is gone! (I know you are rolling your eyes - knock it off) Anyway, the result was after 2 DVD's of Dallas season 8, countless chips & salsa, coke, and ice cream. I finished 2 matching sundresses. One for my darling daughter & one for Olivia, my friend Abbey's darling daughter. It was so fun & worth the neglect. I love sewing. It relaxes me & is always exciting to create something new.

Part 5 - "Our New Addition(s)"
So while I spent my day sewing - our house was quite quiet. Jason decided to take Paige to find her replacement for the fish. Jason called saying she had her heart set on a guinea pig - but the cages are so huge - she would have to switch rooms with us (not happening). So after many a quiet hour she returns with one small brown & white rat (left) named "Sunny"... after a few hours of just Sunny-time. They both decided she needed a friend and went to buy rat #2 (right) "Snow White" who is technically James' rat. I hate to admit it - but I really like them. I thought they would creep me out or be disgusting... but they are really cute and I like putting Sunny in the crook of my arm & walking around with her. Jason is like a kid in a candy shop. He had rats growing up & is excited to have them again (at least they are not ferrets - stink, stank, stunk).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

rest in peace Cody Mack Scrouch fish

This was the Betta fish that was Paige's first pet. I thought it would live forever and my sister assured me that they are darn near impossible to kill. And after all the assassination attempts on poor Cody's life from a myriad of preschoolers, I began to think Cody was immortal.

That all changed today. Cody had lived through countless over feedings and muck in his fish tank. I was tired of the stench and thought I would do him & Paige a favor and really clean out his tank good. Jason had cleaned it out just a day or two prior and his water again returned to pea soup status thanks to James. Anyway, I safely put him in a bowl & began cleaning his tank. What I've learned from this experience is that bleach & fish don't mix, no matter how many times you rinse out the rocks & filters - you might want to neutralize the water before returning the fix to it's "toxic" home.If not this is what you get... Paige didn't have the heart to flush her beloved friend she made me do it. I felt so crappy.

This is what breaks a mother's heart. I swear never to clean out another fish tank as long as I live. Look at that face and tell me you wouldn't feel the same. On the upside: she is willing to accept another fish as condolence for her loss.

Monday, April 7, 2008

tribute to my boy

I think there is a very important reason why Heavenly Father made our own kids so cute to us, and that we can see ourselves and others through them. It's for all the times they say: "Mom, your a bossy Gordon-head" or "Mom, you are grounded from me", or "mMMMMhhhhh" (aka sticking out tongue), or the heart breaker "I hate you" - yes. my 3 year old says that almost daily and usually when he is on time out. That one I always have to restrain myself from being mad and remind myself that he is 3 Years old.

HF having greater wisdom then us, knew that we couldn't stay mad or even get upset when we see ourselves or hear our own voices in our little ones. Nothing melts me more then when James crawls in my lap and tells me "Mom, let's be best friends okay" or out of nowhere say "mom... I love you." Which he does all the time. I love that we are together during the day. Just me and my little buddy. He is such a helper and always wants to lift heavy things for me to show me how strong he is. He loves to help me in the kitchen and just hold onto me while I'm busy... cooking, cleaning, on the computer etc. He is at times my greatest frustration & my greatest comfort.

I think I love James so much because he reminds me of two of my most favorite men. My dad is the world's greatest! (I have 10 others who will back me up on that) He has always loved me unconditionally and been a source of humor and family loyalty. He loves his children fiercely and is only happy when we are in close proximity to him - he would have all his kids still living at home if he could. I would be lost without him as my anchor.
Jason is my best friend and understands me. He loves my silly quirks that embarrass me and really listens. He is the best partner and father to my children. He plays with our kids all the time and loves taking trips with them. We are a strong family unit because of him. He teases and plays and keeps things light-hearted and me always smiling. He wakes up and holds me when I have a bad dream and takes the sting out of heartache. He wakes up with the kids - probably more than I do and checks on them to make sure they are sleeping peacefully every night. There is no one I could be married to as long as we have and still be madly in love with. Jason takes all the bad in stride and never holds me back. He believes in me and loves me.

They have left big shoes for James to follow - but he's my boy and I know he will make me proud.

Friday, April 4, 2008

helpful hints for new parents

Since it's been 4 years since Jason & I've had a baby in our house, my friend Nikki sent me these reminders to help make the adjustment process a little easier with a new baby. I thought I better post them since I have a slew of friends popping out kids left & right.

Coffee, well, I can understand - but does that include Coke products too?

What if we are watching Dallas, still bad?....

This is just too disturbing.

This one is for Chris, who already thinks I'm disturbed.