Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday is a special day...

I've officially turned into my mom. We all know it will happen to us eventually and bit by bit we watch our sanity slip away and we hear her phrases issue from our mouths. Well, yesterday I broke down. I turned into my mom, "a Saturday slave driver".

Saturday mornings at my house growing up were always about doing chores. I remember we had to be home from sleep overs at 9am (the very latest) & then we'd clean like mad until noon or 1pm. When she would release us from bondage. I stepped into those shoes yesterday. It's no fun trying to clean 9 months pregnant & my kids would lay in front of the TV all day if I let them. Normally they are just in charge of keeping their bedrooms clean or helping me pick up around the house or do special projects (like wash walls).
This week we indulged in some deep cleaning. James helped clean the main bathroom, vacuumed his bedroom, and put away his laundry. Paige cleaned my bathroom, vacuumed the front room and her bedroom, and folded & put away her laundry. It's not so easy to clean with kids and often times you end up doing more work - but in the long run I know I am doing them a service. They will appreciate the time & cleaning habits they learned early on in life, as I appreciate what my mom taught me & how it helps me to keep a clean house.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

best news I've heard in 9 months!

Yesterday I started my weekly OB appts. She checked & of course I wasn't dilated and the baby had a firm grip on my insides. This one will probably have to be drug out kicking & screaming like the other two were, but on the brighter side - the Dr. said since James was 10lbs. 2 oz. They will induce me at 39 weeks! That's just 4 weeks from now and two weeks earlier than I had anticipated. I am so ecstatic! It looks like baby Buchanan will come closer to Sept 11th instead of later. How cool is that?

oooh rats!

Na na na na... na na na na - hey hey hey Goodbye!We bid farewell to our disease carrying rats! It was hard for Paige to say goodbye. She was attached to these little stinkers and woke up the morning after they left us with tears in her eyes. She knows it is for the best, but lately we've had a really crappy track record with household pets. I think we might be in the "dog only" category.

This is the reason they are gone. James developed this red patch on the back of his head in the early part of June. His hair fell out and we took him into the dermatologist. He said he needed to run some tests and gave us a topical ointment for other stuff. A week later his lymph nodes got huge and he went through a miserable weekend with a temperature, I assumed it was a flu bug or sinus infection. I took him to the pediatrician and she said he had picked up a bacteria & a fungus and started him on antibiotics for 10 days & a fungal treatment that would last 3 months. This thing on the back of his head was the size of half a golf. It oozed puss constantly and bled all the time. It was so painful for him.

These pictures were taken the 1st part of August and it's amazing how much better it looks. The dermatologist confirmed our suspicions and said our pediatrician guessed it right. He had a fungus call a "Kerion" and prescribed another topical solution. Then just last week we went in for a check up and the dermatologist notice a circle patch on my arm (that I assumed was eczema) and a circle patch on Paige's knee (I thought was a rash) - He said, "I hate to tell you this... but you both have the fungus too" - I was like, What the h...?! Where did we get it from. I just assumed James picked up a weird strand from licking the ground or eating dirt. He said the #1 carrier of this type of fungus are household pets and specifically rats. I got it from touching James head all the time (applying medicines) and Paige got it from her constant exposure to the rats! Now they are gone and all I can say is good grief & good riddance! We should be whole again in 2 weeks & pray James hair will grow back or we can always start looking into "kids Rogaine". Luckily he is still as handsome as ever.

Monday, August 11, 2008

my 1st grader

Paige started her 1st day of 1st grade. I can't believe how time flies & just think next year I will almost be alone... well, just me & angel baby Buchanan, but that will be just fine. Paige was so excited last night & kept getting out of bed that I threatened to "home school" her if she didn't stay in bed. She was pretty cooperative after that. She loves school and I think she knows all the damage I would inflict socially & by stunting her educational growth.

It amazes me how smart she is. I really think she doesn't get that from me. She has been reading all summer and tonight she offered to read a bedtime story to James. Umm... sure a few minutes to myself - what on earth will I do with it? She'll be a smarty like her dad. Hopefully James will be determined like his mom (not too much going on up stairs, but good social skills and determined to finish grad school no matter if he's still paying on school loans from the nursing home).
After we walked Paige to her classroom, James tried to walk in right after her. He was jammies, wet diaper & bare feet - but ready to go. When I told him we had to go. He said "Noooooo" and took off running toward the kindergarten classrooms. That boy is ready for some education. Hopefully the local preschools will keep him & not kick him out (for biting, hitting, fighting, etc.) - we can hope anyways.
This was the only thing Paige brought home in her backpack, along with a Hostess cupcake and a note from the teacher about 1st grade being a "piece of cake" - it was cute & she did share it with James all on her own accord.

(It's a pencil case, lunchbox, and folders)

We are so excited to begin a new school year and watch our "smarty party pants" little girl learn & grow.

our latest addition

We have finally outgrown our lil VW Passat. After careful consideration we decided we couldn't cram 3 kids in car seats in the back and since it is paid off it would be nice to not share a car with my motorcycle riding husband when the weather isn't so peachy. So we are keeping "Snow White" for Jason's communing needs and his motorcycle for... (not so sure of the reason here.) We knew we needed something bigger then a sedan, but with gas prices so high I didn't want anything that would cost more then my mortgage to fill up every week or so.My friend Abbey told me about the Honda Pilot and how fantastic it was bla, bla, bla. I wasn't too interested - until my dad came to AZ and was helping me car shop. Once I did a little research on gas mileage of minivans & SUV's and all the different makes & models and actually test drove one, I was hooked. It is great. We bought a used 2003 sea foam greenish color. Paige & James are debating over what to call it. James likes "Casper" while Paige keeps calling it "Mickey" - I'm just happy for more space.Downside: Because it is roomier then a VW - I can't reach back & hit my kids. But the volume is also on the steering wheel so I can crank it up & try to drown out their voices.

Upside: They can't hit each other when one is in the 3rd row seat and they are both wearing seat belts... I didn't say they couldn't fight. They verbally abuse each other as much as they can, but there is no physical (biting, hitting, scratching - you name it)... so until perfect child#3 gets here and brings with it world peace or just a peaceful Utopian existence to the Buchanan family... we are enjoying the latest edition.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

what would I do without my dad?

Normally when I drive home from Utah it's just me & the kids and we've done it for like 5 summers & is really not a big deal... but I've also never been 8 months pregnant and ready to pop! This year my dad offered to drive me home and then fly back to Utah. It was so great since my nephew also road with us as far as Las Vegas. I've never driven the Las Vegas way except maybe once years and years ago - anyway, my dad made sure we were on track an didn't get lost.
My mom loves driving this way for Hoover Dam, which I admit is pretty cool - but it takes like 3 hours longer (especially since the huge mega-bridge is under construction & everyone has to stop & stare) and when it's 114' degrees out and your a/c just isn't up to par with your internal body heater that kicks you in the ribs every so often just to make sure you haven't forgotten her/him... not worth it for me. I ended up only driving about 2 or 3 hours and my dad was "trucker Terry" up for the long haul.

My kids loved hanging out & wrestling with "Silly Grandpa" especially this one. James just doesn't give my dad a break which is kind of funny. I imagine James to be a lot like his grandpa when my dad was but a lad.

Monday night Jason's parents babysat which was wonderful & we took my dad to see "The Dark Knight" then Tuesday the kids wanted to take my dad bowling for the last night he was here. He used to be on a league and had a ton of bowling trophies - but he has lost his steam. He barely beat me by 1 pin (that lucky dog) and that's with "bumper bowling" - the best part of the night was after 9 pm when they turn off all the lights & jazz up the music. My kids went wild. They had moves that would put Napoleon Dynamite to shame.

BUT the best part of having my dad here was car shopping with him. He did everything. He looked up cars, he made calls, he dealt with people. When we went to dealerships he would talk to the vultures and look at the cars for me. Meanwhile I sat in the car reading my book while the kids watched movies. I didn't have to drag them anywhere. He looked at tires, mileage, dents, took test drives, etc. He would only get me if he thought it was worth my time to look at. And he loves to haggle prices. I run the opposite way when I see a salesman and try to hide from them between the cars - but my dad meets them head on like a bull charging in a ring. Go Dad! He did help us narrow our search & I even think we might have found one. Thanks Dad, your the best!

Monday, August 4, 2008

home at last

We drove up to Utah on July 22nd and had a day to get ready & help my parents pack. For me that meant shopping with my mom and sisters & coming up with meals. It was hectic as it always is, but lots of fun. Once the chaos subsides and your on your way things really get exciting. This was our first "Byrnes Family Reunion" and we almost had everyone here this year (we missed Sunny & Alli). It was also our first time at Bear Lake. Only a 3 hour drive from my parents which was really nice since most years the minimum is 6 hours. This is Paige & Jackson in the water (I forgot my camera & had to steal this pic from my sissy's blog)

This was basically the view from our camp site. We stayed at Rendezvous Beach state park (which means flushing toilets, water, and hot showers) basically luxurious camping for us - we who are used to holes in the ground and "bathing" in the local lake, freezing cold creek, or paying astronomical amounts of $ for a 5 minute hot shower. Life was easy. The weather was perfect. Highs in the mid 80's, lows in the 50's. I actually slept pretty well at 8 months pregnant on an air mattress. The kids had fun on the beach. We were 50 yards from the beach and there was a huge sandbar that we could walk out at least 100 yards before it covered our legs.

We spent a day at a nearby cave we showed up at noon and was told to come back in 5 hours. It was pretty busy. The cave was 40' degrees and freezing. Luckily all the stairs had railings but it was quite a workout. Up and down, up and down - starts making you feel like a billy goat. My dad counted over a thousand steps. It was pretty amazing.
I just wish I was in better shape a couple spots made me dizzy and the handrails turned our hands black, but it was gorgeous! Afterwards we stopped in Garden City for the best shakes I think I've ever had. We also bought Raspberry Jam & local yummy treats. This area of Utah/Idaho is known for it's Raspberries... yummy. After spending 5 days camping/swimming we headed back. Jason had to fly home but the kids & I were lucky enough to stay another week. They loved their Utah Cousins. James was ready to head home but Paige kept begging for just one more day. My sister was sweet enough to throw me a baby shower in Utah. After 4 years and 2 kids I've realized how unprepared I am for a new baby. Everything has either broken, got "borrowed", accidentally sold at a yard sale, or is stained beyond recognition. I got some cute "girl" outfits from my mom - some "boy" outfits from my sister (with 3 boys) and some diapers & baby necessities. It's really fun not knowing what I'm having. It's like Christmas in September this year. My favorite part of the shower (other then the food - my sister is a fantastic cook) was hanging out with my ladies - I never get to see. I finally got to meet a really cool chic who has been apart of the SSC for months and my friend Jenny who moved to Utah from AZ almost a year ago. Time flies, but nothing beats hanging out and having girl time.