Thursday, February 26, 2009

missing sewing...

I am temporarily on a sewing fast. For the next few weeks I am making a decided effort to work on my thesis and that has meant lots of library time. Almost all of my research is online which I could do at home, but it is so hard to do anything at home. I am way too easily distracted... so I try to spend a few hours every night at the library MCC (if Jason is on call) or ASU (If he' not - their open 24hrs.)

Anyway, my friend Jill stopped by tonight. Normally I would be getting ready to sew, but instead I was packing up my lap top to head off to the library. Being the wonderfully thoughtful person that she is she brought me a study kit. 2 bottles of Coke (what would I do without the stuff), pens, notebook, coloring kit (when I need a break - yet I here I am blogging), a letter "M" to remember motivation (oh and Maren... look at that), and a cd with "brain food" music. It was all so sweet and thoughtful. Can't you see why I love my "sewing ladies" (aka dorks). Your the best Jilly!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

goth kids

My friend Jessica got this shirt for me at Disneyland before we knew what we were having. She was sure I'd have a boy. I didn't. But we are a family that loves Jack the pumpkin king. James had to go put on his shirt when he saw what Abbey was wearing.

Her eyes actually look blue in this picture. Usually I think they look pretty green.

This face James is making is so my brother Joey.

pirate party postponed

Because I am a slacker mom & have way too much on my plate... I had to postpone James Pirate Party. Since I threw Paige a Civil Rights Tea Party last month, I was planning on throwing a James a Pirate Party on President's day (say that five times fast) since the kids were out of school, but I got side tracked & didn't get it planned out as well as I needed to. So instead we went to Makutu's Island which I think was probably a better choice anyway. We took James, his best friend Cade (and Christie watched Abbey for like 5 hours), and Paige and spent about 2 & 1/2 hours there. It made it worth the admission cost, but it was kind of boring for me to sit there next time I need to take a friend or laptop I can blab to.
James was like a bolt of lightning. I would see flashes of him here & there. Cade followed Paige around like a puppy which made her day. She loves to call the shots - all in all they had a great time.

Anyway, after Makutu's Island I asked where they wanted a very late lunch & they said IKEA (not because of the cuisine, but for the play area). So I wondered around looking at house stuff while James, Paige & Cade played in Smaland. When they paged me after 35 minutes because James was getting kicked out for not keeping his hands to himself (what?! my son? What a shocker!) I figured it was time to go. He cried the whole way out to the car and half the way home for an ice cream until he fell asleep. Once asleep we did get ice cream at McDonald's because I had made a deal with them at IKEA based on their behavior in Smaland. But after James mini nap he was great again. That's my son - he's so crazy, but so much fun.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

move over red ruby slippers

my friend Christie made these adorable baby shoes for Abbey. I ran across a pattern for them and posted it on our Secret Stitch Blog. I had no idea they would turn out so cute or that she would make them for Abbey. I figured I'd get around to it by the time they wouldn't fit her anymore. So here's to good friends. Also check out the matching onesie she made. Is Abbey the most stylish baby or what?

my budding author

Monday, February 9, 2009

something old, someone new, something borrowed & blue

This is an outfit that my 7 year old niece wore when she was a baby & now Abbey is wearing it. Sadie was tiny and probably a few months older then Abbey when it finally fit her, but it has that cute nostalgic feel to it. Thanks for letting us borrow it Sades!

time goes by a little too fast

I was looking through an album of old photos & here are some fun ones I found with cousins...
Asia as Snow White & Paige as Tinkerbell - they were typecasted. Asia is a sweetheart & Paige is a little sassy.

Melissa, Paige & Macey

Our Cheer pictures - back when I was cool (right Melissa & Lauren?)

Zach, Sadie & Paige - then
Paige, Sadie & Zack (then)

now 2008 - Sadie, Zack & Paige

the pixie (Jordyn) & the Paige

Nick & James - chubby babies

Nick, the pixie (Jordyn) and James - Now 2008

child labor laws - hey they wanted to wash my car. I just provided the bucket & wash cloths and didn't let them stop until they did an adequate job for 2 year olds.

Sadie & Asia scrubbing away at my car, what is it about babies in diapers (so cute) - these girls are 7 years old.

Snow White & Batman Halloween of 2005 - she had some serious curls!

Nick & James - they wrestle like WWF professionals - you forget they used to sit in high chairs

I forgot how Blonde James was...

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's a James day

Since last weekend Jason & Paige had a Daddy Daughter Date by default (James had fallen asleep and couldn't be awaken). They went to see Hotel for Dogs & then went out to eat at Lonestar. James was mad when he woke up, so I promised him a day where he & I would hang out and just do things he likes to do.

So we went to the park in the morning & took all new sand toys (so he wouldn't be "sharing/taking" them from other kids with responsible moms that remembered to bring them). We stayed at the park for a couple hours with tons of kids he knew and plenty of babies to kiss on. Then went to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch. We took his best friend Cade with us and met up with Olivia & Reece (two other kids he loves). They had a blast. We had to pick up Paige from school but after that we went and got ice cream cones from McDonald's. How's that for a Mommy Son Date?

neked baby & sisters

My kids favorite thing to do is to make Abbey laugh & it really doesn't take much work. She loves Paige & James and is such a happy baby... seriously, she must have something extra in her formula - wonder if that would work on adults. Hmmm....

Paige rarely sets Abbey down, or if she is done holding her she will bring her to us to hold. For some reason babies must be held 24/7 according to Paige.

Here is Abbey in the sink. I couldn't resist this picture. She is just too cute!

I took like 2 steps back so you could see how teeny tiny she looks in her bath, although I think she might like the tub more. I lay her in 1 inch of water on her back & she kicks like a mad woman!! It's hilarious. It will be fun when she can sit up.

a bookcase gets yet another makeover

Jason had this honey brown bookcase when he was young & brought it with him when we married. It was in our front room for a few years and then when Paige was a baby, it was repainted and given a shabby chic appearance. It's new duty was to hold her diapers, books, & little things. When we moved into our current house. It became my bookcase for the schoolroom. After so many years it has turned gray and needed new life breathed in.

So Paige & I painted it and resurfaced the shelves with fabric, you can see the step by step process by clicking here.

Doesn't it look great at home in the school room all snuggly and filled with books?