Wednesday, February 18, 2009

pirate party postponed

Because I am a slacker mom & have way too much on my plate... I had to postpone James Pirate Party. Since I threw Paige a Civil Rights Tea Party last month, I was planning on throwing a James a Pirate Party on President's day (say that five times fast) since the kids were out of school, but I got side tracked & didn't get it planned out as well as I needed to. So instead we went to Makutu's Island which I think was probably a better choice anyway. We took James, his best friend Cade (and Christie watched Abbey for like 5 hours), and Paige and spent about 2 & 1/2 hours there. It made it worth the admission cost, but it was kind of boring for me to sit there next time I need to take a friend or laptop I can blab to.
James was like a bolt of lightning. I would see flashes of him here & there. Cade followed Paige around like a puppy which made her day. She loves to call the shots - all in all they had a great time.

Anyway, after Makutu's Island I asked where they wanted a very late lunch & they said IKEA (not because of the cuisine, but for the play area). So I wondered around looking at house stuff while James, Paige & Cade played in Smaland. When they paged me after 35 minutes because James was getting kicked out for not keeping his hands to himself (what?! my son? What a shocker!) I figured it was time to go. He cried the whole way out to the car and half the way home for an ice cream until he fell asleep. Once asleep we did get ice cream at McDonald's because I had made a deal with them at IKEA based on their behavior in Smaland. But after James mini nap he was great again. That's my son - he's so crazy, but so much fun.


RatalieNose said...

Hahaha I love James! I also love that picture KADE SANDWICH!

RatalieNose said...
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disneyking said...

Goth kids.... I LOVE IT!!
Heaven knows that Haven is dressed in Hot Topic clothes quite often as well. She's got more Zeppelin and Nightmare t's than I do.
And I know that I'll be stocking up on Transformers (Decepticon) t's this summer in anticipation for jr.'s arrival.
How are you guys liking your Pilot by the way? I'm looking at getting us one when R2 arrives.