Wednesday, February 18, 2009

goth kids

My friend Jessica got this shirt for me at Disneyland before we knew what we were having. She was sure I'd have a boy. I didn't. But we are a family that loves Jack the pumpkin king. James had to go put on his shirt when he saw what Abbey was wearing.

Her eyes actually look blue in this picture. Usually I think they look pretty green.

This face James is making is so my brother Joey.


RatalieNose said...

That face is priceless!!! Abbey's hair is making me so jealous!

Joele and Matt said...

Too cute! My eldest would be jealous of their very styling shirts because she LOVES Jack!!

Kat said...

Okay Maren what is up with the Build a Bear wigs worth of hair on your daughters head?!! She is sooo cute I NEED to suck on her little face! James BTW is such a little hot pants and we are so hookin' our kids up in the future!

Amy Baldwin said...

Oh my goodness! A mini Maren! :-)