Monday, July 21, 2008

my summer projects

I've been sewing - trying to keep my mind off my ever growing belly. So check out ssc blog at to see what I've occupied my time with.

July 9th - Happy Birthday Paige

Happy Birthday Paige!! My little girl just turned 6 years old... and she will be in 1st grade. Should I start feeling old now? Paige is a birthday junkie. She keeps count of days and then is always asking if that's all the presents we got her. She is such a funny girl. She spreads it out as long as she can and you can't skip even one tradition with her. Here she is Birthday morning waking up before daddy left for work to see her brand new bike.

it has since lost the training wheels and she's not to thrilled with that, but promises to try to learn how to ride a 2 wheeler (so far that means Jason holding onto the back the entire time when they go for bike rides).
Paige insisted on chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast with candles (like Aunt Jen makes) - I swear you miss just one birthday and you make up for it every year by having a new tradition added to their lists. I shaped it like Mickey Mouse & added the whip cream & cherry. It turned out cute & didn't taste too bad. We loved singing to her; just James & me.
close up on breakfast Mickey with candles lit.
Paige couldn't decide between a movie and the Splash Park. Finally she decided on the Splash Park. Paige's good friend Carla came along for the fun. Carla stayed all morning and played. Paige had a lot of fun with her. We ended the morning with lunch from Mickey Donald's (Paige's choice). Then she got to get babysat by her fun Aunt Jen while I went to a Dr.'s appt.
After Jason came home it was time for Bowling with the family for Paige's activity. She had such a great time at James birthday she was excited to do it again for hers. We had a little bit of a wait so she challenged Jason to a game of air hockey and won.
She gets pretty serious about her bowling techniques and tries many different ones. She is constantly watching the scores making sure hers is higher then James.

I love this picture with her hands on her hips. How cute is that stance? Waiting for the outcome.

James helping me out by fixing the scores. That's my boy.

Jason loves a good game of bowling. Paige captured his excitement in this photo.

Saturday we went to Makutu's Island with all her cousins. It was so much fun. Her favorite St. Johns cousins were there. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera - but you can see how cool it is inside by these pictures. It reminds me of Peter Pans hideout in NeverNeverLand.

After playing for a couple hours we went out to eat at Macayo's Mexican food. Paige is an Arizonian through & through. She loves her Mexican food and the best part about it was more presents. Ashley & Grandma Nette both gave her even more gifts. What a lucky girl!

4th of July in St. Johns

We love any excuse to get out of the heat and visit our Grandad & cousins in St.Johns Arizona. It's about 3 or so hours East of the Valley and the weather is about 15 to 20 degrees cooler. The climate actually reminds me more of Utah Valley. It's a nice get away and life just slows down there. You can sit on the back porch reading a book and enjoy the quiet or watch the clouds pass by. Well, this year we were fortunate enough to spend our 4th of July in St. Johns.

Paige being super girl in Heber on route. There was a nice little breeze that added the perfect touch to her Super Girl abilities.

James loves his cousin Jordyn. He is just a few months older then her and for the most part they get along so well. Maybe because they are both left out from the "big girls" (aka Paige & Sadie). They always have so much fun together and are so cute to watch play.

Jordyn loves her Uncle Jason. She actually calls him her "Uncle Pixie" - when she was just tiny Jason started calling her "Pixie" and she just returned the compliment. They are so fun to watch as well. Jason loves to tease her & throw her around. She is just a tiny little thing.

St. Johns actually has quite a few activities planned. The cannon shoots off at 5am (too many times according to my grumpy-in-law, JC) and Paige slept through it despite the fact it rattled our windows. Then they have breakfast in the park by the Boy Scouts & BBQ lunch in the park. They sell snow cones and have a nice Patriotic Program recognizing vets who have served their country. After lunch they have foot races. It reminds me of of growing up in my small town, Spanish Fork (which isn't so small anymore).

My kids love spending time with their grandad, grandma Nette & grandpa Ron and their St. John's cousins.

Grandpa Ron & Cody Mack eating ice in the park.

Hurry!! Take a picture while they are still clean. Paige, James, Sadie & Jordyn - ready for the festivities.
Grandpa had his fun blow up slide and the kids put it to good use! Paige & Jordyn got creative sliding down.

Paige & Sadie spent a fun afternoon fishing with Jason and his cousin Jeremy. They didn't catch anything, but had a lot of fun.

That evening we drove out to Lyman Lake and to watch the fireworks. We took sandwiches and had a little picnic while we waited for it to get nice and dark. Once dark the locals lit off their own fireworks. We had 360' degrees of a preshow fireworks... and around 8:300pm the real show began. It was impessive. I loved sitting out under the stars watching all the festivities. We really had a great time!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

June 27th - Happy 4 Years to James

I don't even think I can call him my baby anymore. I can't believe it's been 4 years. It has flown by. I have loved the crazy/fun/loving dynamic James has brought to our family. He is so unique with the things he says and does. He is a constant source of entertainment and such a blessing to our lives. James was born in one of the hardest years for our family, 2004 was a struggle with Jason's family and loosing my grandmother that I had been really close to. But he was the bright light we needed to get through all the difficult times.

This is my boy showing off his bum(blebee) or just his new jammies. He got Jack the Pumpkin King jammies for his birthday and was dancing around like a crazy man. I asked him to show me his present & he stuck out his bum. I couldn't stop laughing. He is always so full of it.

James has been wanting a real bike for years. He had the pleasure of riding his friend Eliot's bike for a week when they left it at our house. So when he saw this one in the front room - he said, "Look mom Eliot's bike." Then I said No, that's Jamie's bike. He was so excited and jumped right on it ready to go. We have since been on a few bike rides in 110 plus degrees - so he can enjoy his new bike. After James favorite breakfast of eggs, we met up with a few friends (Wrights & Bodily's) at the Splash Park and had Popsicles. It was such a great morning. James got to wear his new Captain Jack Sparrow swim shorts & shirt to the park.

Jason got home early and James chose to go play "rolling ball" for his activity. It was fun. It was just our little family, but the kids had a blast. I like having a family party. It's nice just to all be together and enjoy each others weird/crazy sense of humor. I gave him different gifts during the day and spread out the fun.

Was I worried that he would squish his head or get smacked in the face... no I was more surprised when it didn't happen. He is such a funny kid. He waited for his ball like this every time.
Jason helping James to line up his ball. I think James scored a fairly descent game.
I just got a strike and was doing a happy dace that James got a picture of. It's not so hard to strike out with bumper guards up. I could bowl with Bumper guards every time and be perfectly content with my bowling score.

James birthday was Friday the same day that Wall.e came out. He thought it was planned just like that for his birthday. Wasn't it though? Anyway, we waited to go to a Saturday matinee so we could have Grandpa Ron & Grandma Nette go with us. We saw the movie & the kids got to play in the fountains out in font of the movie theatre. Then we went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner.

Back at the house we had presents, a huge ice cream cake (I actually made) and his great grandparents come over. It was a great birthday. James favorite gifts were from Grandma Nette. She bought him a Wall.e and a Wall.e arm that can pick things up. He loved the log clutcher at our hotel in Anaheim and here was one of his very own.

What birthday wouldn't be complete without your best friend. James took this picture while we were bowling. They had such a great day together and barely fought, which made it a great day for me. Happy Birthday "bookie-boos"! We love you!

busy weekend

It's official. I'm nesting - and when I "nest" I paint. Maybe it's just an excuse to get high... not enough chemicals & crap in my body while I'm pregnant I guess - Who knows? But whatever the case. I love the end result. I never could have done it without my sister Kelly & my mom here for the weekend. They were the worlds best baby gift - to come help me out. My mom is a champion professional painter: She is the best color consultant, a work horse, and as anal as I am about painting. It was like having 2 of me. I loved it!

Keep in mind that my photographer is 5 and three quarters (as she will tell you) - so you must excuse the somewhat blurry photos. I'm "cutting in" my least favorite part of painting.


This is was our computer room/guest room/ library (pronounced "lie-barry" room), I actually took this picture before we moved in. This room was so hideous I never tried breaking my camera to capture it's hideousness with our furniture & "crap" cluttered everywhere. Apart from our clutter, the walls were pretty beat up.

My mom painted this room almost single-handily. Since it was the biggest room in the house we decided this would be James & the new baby's room to share (whether it's a boy or girl).

Do you notice the shelf on the wall to the left. It was painted to the wall and when it came down it left quite a few scars behind. My mom had her work cut out for her - trying to repair some of the damage done from previous "Joey's" that lived here.

I knew a basic idea of what I wanted. With her help in choosing colors & her suggestions for taping the stripes - we ended up with the perfect combination... Thanks Mom!

James loves his new room & shows it off every chance he can get.

New ceiling fan, curtains (from IKEA), a few pictures on the walls, and toy table! Viola! a room any 4 year old would be proud of.

And don't forget the crib. Jason said instead of moving the pieces around we might as well just put it together.
This was James old room. It was never painted and quite beat up itself. It also had a shelf painted to the wall that came down with a few cuss words and a part of the wall. I strategically hung pictures over the scars it left behind.

I had always intended on painting his room, but after Paige's room I was burnt out for awhile. Anyway, we didn't want the baby in a computer room or with all my sewing stuff, so we decided to keep the computer room/ guest room/ library room but just switch it out for the smaller room.
This is Kelly my best distracted painter & kid occupier. She actually spent more time keeping the kids out of our hair then painting. Which was a blessing, as I had not factored them into my equation.
This new room was to be my Mecca. My happy place away from the world (aka my kids) crap... did I say that out loud? I love yellow. It's soothing and warm. The color is actually more of a Tuscan yellow & I hung Italian scenic & Disneyland pictures on the walls to remind me of my "happy places".
This bookshelf consists of 98% of just my books. Jason thinks he got the short end of the stick - since all of his books now happily reside in the closet. But the bookshelf was technically my graduation present - so I do feel justified.

This is the 'piace de resistance' - the crowning jewel of the room. It's my new sewing desk (also from IKEA) could I love it anymore?... I just don't know. All my stuff is organized & out of my dining room. I'm an organization junkie. I love seeing it not cluttered & clear. It finally makes sense and just looks so darn pretty. This is why I love "my" new room the most. I finally have a place to play. I want to make a plaque for the door that says "A Room of One's Own -V.Woolf" I totally get what she means. If you ever have a few hours to ponder deeper concepts pertaining to a mother/woman/creator or fiction/crafts/fabric/music/arts/etc... read this.

a summer catchup... of sorts

We took my niece to Disneyland while she was here. It was a blast & I am so grateful that Jason's parents have enough patience and love to want to vacation with me & my brood.

Avery was ready to adopt Jason's parents after the first day. Annette & I laughed to ourselves saying "ignorance is bliss"...
The new show at Playhouse Disney is so fun. It has Handy Many, Little Einsteins, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters. Here we are hanging out in the shade waiting for the next showing.

Paige is a serious driver (Autopia) and really doesn't like to be bothered while she is driving.

Annette on the other hand is in "normal" driving mode for her. Phone in one hand, wheel in the other.
3 little Blondie's on the teacups. Paige & Avery threatened to make it spin really fast. Annette was the only one brave enough to ride with them. Ron & I wimped out & let James try his hardest to crank the wheel in the teacups (not very much spinning on our end - thank goodness)

New/old favorite place to eat. Goofy's Kitchen! I know I rant & rave about Goofy's Kitchen - but I've never been for dinner. It was awesome. Breakfast is really chaotic & there are a million people and you maybe get to visit with 2 or 3 characters. This time we had Goofy, Dale, Pluto, Cinderella, Minnie, and Aurora. There restaurant was 25% full if that & we had a great time. Our server overheard us talking & found out it was Ron's bday. They came out & sang and brought him a cupcake with a candle. It was really cool.
My two little Diva's as we drive from the hotel to the Disneyland.

Avery & her favorite character. Paige looks a little dazed & confused, "What you mean we have to wait in line? Don't they know who I am?"

BFF's - at least in the time it took for this picture to be snapped.

Avery & her cute face painting. Paige didn't want anything to do with it - but the Princess Fantasy Faire is always magical.

James in our hotel room cleaning up. He found the fire-log-carrier-thingy & thought it was the coolest thing ever invented.

This was story/singing time at The Calafornia Grand Hotel. Disney is full of these magical little events that add to the fun & experience. Infront of the kids is our "folk singer' hitting on Grandma Nette because she doesn't look old enough to be a grandma & a huge roaring fireplace. It was so cozy & nice.
Ranger Jane is getting frustrated with James & the giant swing. He didn't get it and she looked annoyed after we went on the swing 3 times in a row. James had a blast and Ranger Joe made conversation with me telling me that he was only 4 months along (he wasn't even showing!) - yet I think he might have meant his wife.

James was tall enough for "Grizzly River Rabbitts" but that is only because Jason stuffed his old soles into new shoes that made him just clear the marker. They got hit by the geyser at the end & ended up soaked.

James is wiping Annette's kiss off. He has enough moisture on him already.

James was also tall enough to ride Muholland Maddness. Yeah. I'm not too sad I missed out on that one. James had a blast.

This was one of the major reasons for our impromptu trip. They had opened the Toy Story Midway Mania ride for 1 day before their big premiere happening the following week. Because we were annual passport holders we could ride as many times as we wanted this one day from 10 until 3pm. They had some malfunctions and closed the ride for a bit. But we still got on it 3 times, each time smuggling Avery on (she only had a 3 day pass). Anyway, it's a great ride. It's part arcade, part ride, and really fun.

Paige, James & Avery show me how they are going to shoot the 3-D objects on this ride. They are some serious shooters.

We stayed at the Residence Inn about 5 miles from the park. It was awesome. One morning we had to wait forever to leave & the girls opted for a photo shoot wearing their matching outfits that Annette got for them at the outlet malls. I think overall Avery had fun, at times she got annoyed at my kids constant need for her attention (her brother's just ignore her at home) - but I had to take her aside and explain to her she is like Hannah Montana to my kids & while she has a superstar status - there is no way my kids will give her a moments peace.