Thursday, July 3, 2008

busy weekend

It's official. I'm nesting - and when I "nest" I paint. Maybe it's just an excuse to get high... not enough chemicals & crap in my body while I'm pregnant I guess - Who knows? But whatever the case. I love the end result. I never could have done it without my sister Kelly & my mom here for the weekend. They were the worlds best baby gift - to come help me out. My mom is a champion professional painter: She is the best color consultant, a work horse, and as anal as I am about painting. It was like having 2 of me. I loved it!

Keep in mind that my photographer is 5 and three quarters (as she will tell you) - so you must excuse the somewhat blurry photos. I'm "cutting in" my least favorite part of painting.


This is was our computer room/guest room/ library (pronounced "lie-barry" room), I actually took this picture before we moved in. This room was so hideous I never tried breaking my camera to capture it's hideousness with our furniture & "crap" cluttered everywhere. Apart from our clutter, the walls were pretty beat up.

My mom painted this room almost single-handily. Since it was the biggest room in the house we decided this would be James & the new baby's room to share (whether it's a boy or girl).

Do you notice the shelf on the wall to the left. It was painted to the wall and when it came down it left quite a few scars behind. My mom had her work cut out for her - trying to repair some of the damage done from previous "Joey's" that lived here.

I knew a basic idea of what I wanted. With her help in choosing colors & her suggestions for taping the stripes - we ended up with the perfect combination... Thanks Mom!

James loves his new room & shows it off every chance he can get.

New ceiling fan, curtains (from IKEA), a few pictures on the walls, and toy table! Viola! a room any 4 year old would be proud of.

And don't forget the crib. Jason said instead of moving the pieces around we might as well just put it together.
This was James old room. It was never painted and quite beat up itself. It also had a shelf painted to the wall that came down with a few cuss words and a part of the wall. I strategically hung pictures over the scars it left behind.

I had always intended on painting his room, but after Paige's room I was burnt out for awhile. Anyway, we didn't want the baby in a computer room or with all my sewing stuff, so we decided to keep the computer room/ guest room/ library room but just switch it out for the smaller room.
This is Kelly my best distracted painter & kid occupier. She actually spent more time keeping the kids out of our hair then painting. Which was a blessing, as I had not factored them into my equation.
This new room was to be my Mecca. My happy place away from the world (aka my kids) crap... did I say that out loud? I love yellow. It's soothing and warm. The color is actually more of a Tuscan yellow & I hung Italian scenic & Disneyland pictures on the walls to remind me of my "happy places".
This bookshelf consists of 98% of just my books. Jason thinks he got the short end of the stick - since all of his books now happily reside in the closet. But the bookshelf was technically my graduation present - so I do feel justified.

This is the 'piace de resistance' - the crowning jewel of the room. It's my new sewing desk (also from IKEA) could I love it anymore?... I just don't know. All my stuff is organized & out of my dining room. I'm an organization junkie. I love seeing it not cluttered & clear. It finally makes sense and just looks so darn pretty. This is why I love "my" new room the most. I finally have a place to play. I want to make a plaque for the door that says "A Room of One's Own -V.Woolf" I totally get what she means. If you ever have a few hours to ponder deeper concepts pertaining to a mother/woman/creator or fiction/crafts/fabric/music/arts/etc... read this.


Ashley said...

Everything looks really good. I cant wait to get my spare room together too.

Ashley said...

Everything looks really good. I cant wait to get my spare room together too.

Jill Manning said...

I love all the rooms and all the colors, you did a fantastic job! And I have to say, I am completely envious of your sewing desk/play area!!! I got really excited when I finally organized everything into tubberware containers but now I want your desk!!! Totally drool worthy!!

Andersen Family said...

Hey girl! You did such a good job. I love it. I need you in my house! Love seeing your little famly grow. You'll love three. I love it!! I know I'm far away, but if you need anything call me~Keli

The Blakes said...

I've been anxious to see your finished rooms! I am impressed, as always, with your amazing ability to make things beautiful and functional! I've been nesting too, but more on the go through everything and given half of it to DI side of things. :)

The McMillans said...

Maren, you look so great pregnant. I giggle at how much you all look alike and how your smiles are so similar. You, your mom, and sis did such a great job, I love what you did. I am a huge fan of color.

~nikki said...

I LOVE WHAT YOU'VE DONE! Love the paint colors, and everything else! Love the before and after pics!!!
You are queen of domesticity!

Devron, Genna, Asher, Owen said...

Hey I really really like the paint job for your son! I am a little jealous! Having 2 boys, I think about their room, and how it should be decorated. And I am going to take inspiration from you!

Abby Runyan said...

Seriously, You are so sticking creative. Someday when we move out of my parents house and myabe have a place of our own I need your help!!! I love everything you did. We really need to get to gether.