Monday, July 21, 2008

4th of July in St. Johns

We love any excuse to get out of the heat and visit our Grandad & cousins in St.Johns Arizona. It's about 3 or so hours East of the Valley and the weather is about 15 to 20 degrees cooler. The climate actually reminds me more of Utah Valley. It's a nice get away and life just slows down there. You can sit on the back porch reading a book and enjoy the quiet or watch the clouds pass by. Well, this year we were fortunate enough to spend our 4th of July in St. Johns.

Paige being super girl in Heber on route. There was a nice little breeze that added the perfect touch to her Super Girl abilities.

James loves his cousin Jordyn. He is just a few months older then her and for the most part they get along so well. Maybe because they are both left out from the "big girls" (aka Paige & Sadie). They always have so much fun together and are so cute to watch play.

Jordyn loves her Uncle Jason. She actually calls him her "Uncle Pixie" - when she was just tiny Jason started calling her "Pixie" and she just returned the compliment. They are so fun to watch as well. Jason loves to tease her & throw her around. She is just a tiny little thing.

St. Johns actually has quite a few activities planned. The cannon shoots off at 5am (too many times according to my grumpy-in-law, JC) and Paige slept through it despite the fact it rattled our windows. Then they have breakfast in the park by the Boy Scouts & BBQ lunch in the park. They sell snow cones and have a nice Patriotic Program recognizing vets who have served their country. After lunch they have foot races. It reminds me of of growing up in my small town, Spanish Fork (which isn't so small anymore).

My kids love spending time with their grandad, grandma Nette & grandpa Ron and their St. John's cousins.

Grandpa Ron & Cody Mack eating ice in the park.

Hurry!! Take a picture while they are still clean. Paige, James, Sadie & Jordyn - ready for the festivities.
Grandpa had his fun blow up slide and the kids put it to good use! Paige & Jordyn got creative sliding down.

Paige & Sadie spent a fun afternoon fishing with Jason and his cousin Jeremy. They didn't catch anything, but had a lot of fun.

That evening we drove out to Lyman Lake and to watch the fireworks. We took sandwiches and had a little picnic while we waited for it to get nice and dark. Once dark the locals lit off their own fireworks. We had 360' degrees of a preshow fireworks... and around 8:300pm the real show began. It was impessive. I loved sitting out under the stars watching all the festivities. We really had a great time!

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JC & Jen Young said...

That really was a fun weekend, I love the 4th up here. We where all glad you guys were able to come up this year!!!