Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Apron and book giveaway (guess who made the freaking cute apron)

So we are hosting our first FREE giveaway on the SSC (Secret Stitch Club) site, which I am a proud member of. The author of the book featured below gave us a free copy to give away... (she's kind of a celeb in the apron blogosphere subculture). Anyway, what I'm more excited about is the stink'n cute apron I made to giveaway with the book. This is our first combined project and launching point for Christie, Jill & I, (we will hopefully be opening an Etsy site next month to sell these suckers for actual money)
Okay so one reason I love this apron is that it is green. Let me hug a tree for a minute and tell you how cool this apron is. The book is about vintage kitchen linens, and this apron is made from repurposed household linens. The main white section came from a laundry room curtain, it has the sweetest white on white flowers along the bottom.

The red gingham ties and bottom ruffle are a repurposed bed sheet. How cool is that? This apron has a generous fit (I hate aprons that only cover half of my loverly plump thighs) - rest assured that this one will fit you.

This is the book. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it is hot off the presses and will probably teach you everything you need to know about kitchen linens and then some. SO... to enter just go to our SSC blog and leave a comment. You can say almost anything you'd like. Also if you blog about our give away you can enter a second time. Nothings better then upping the odds right?


RatalieNose said...

Done and Doner.

ngrahampfan said...

I wanna win a gree apron! that's so awesome. are all the materials repurposed from your house or did you purchase them that way?

The Princes Of The Universe said...

this is a cool apron. although i am a man and may have no use for an apron, i know plenty of girls, being an only boy in the family, who would love to have one. i'm excited about the work you have done. awesome.

Abby Runyan said...

I'm inn! That is the coolest and even cooler and that it's green. WE need to get together. Miss you

Martha said...

Hi Maren:

I want to win your wonderful "green" apron!! i love it!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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