Saturday, March 14, 2009

not so secret crushes

So last night at Bunko we were all laughing at each other for our not so secret crushes. My friends names have been changed to save them some embarrassment, but to give you an idea: 

Pretty Skin Girl is obsessed with Christian Bale, but I can't say I blame her. He has a great smile and his lips are pretty sexy. 

Tall Blondie is in love with Shia Lebouf - we keep giving her a hard time because we still see him as the little Disney boy that he's been all these years. When you think of Blondie in love with the star of Holes, it's more yuck then ohhh, but he is getting cuter (did you see the last Indiana Jones) - So Blondies choice isn't that bad.

But Shortie Brunette does have a thing for Billy Bob Thornton, which rivals my weird obsession with David Bowie (not the hundred year old man he is today, but the Goblin King, Lord of the Labrynth from my youth)... I can't deny my love for the Goblin King. Maybe it was the big hair or lots of makeup, he had the best shimmer lip gloss. 

(I also have a thing for Robert Smith, lead singer for the cure... I do love a man in eyeliner). My crush on Robert is more for his music then focusing on how shallow I am by on caring about how a person looks.

Except when it comes to Ben Makenzie. I'm completely taken in by Ben. He is so hot. Seriously, if he ever moved to the ghetto of Mesa, Jason might have some competition on his hands.
Actually, I think that's exactly what I like about Ben is his character from the OC, Ryan. Ryan was always trying to save someone. He was always looking out for everyone, Jason has that tendency to be soft and caring. Then there was that silent brooding side of him - Jason doesn't really brood, but he can be quite cardboard at times, that's why I love him. My cardboard boy.

My sister doesn't call him my 'trophy husband' for nothing. I have to admit, he is pretty hot!


RatalieNose said...

AND DAVID BOWIE???????????????
COME ON MAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But Ben....
OH BABY!!!!!!!!
I ADORE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christie said...

I'm sorry, but Billy Bob does not rival David Bowie. :) And how funny that you found a pic of Shia and Billy Bob together!

Anonymous said...

MAren for having crushes on such creepy guys (david bowie-its the spandex pants and big "cup", come out with it), if thats what thrills you I do Tie-bo videos and Billy Blanks has it goin on in that area too. Atleast you married a cutie.

ngrahampfan said...

I got my entire family to call these not so secret crushes Movie Boyfriends and Movie Girlfriends. My Movie Boyfriend is totally Christian Bale. My mom's is Daniel Craig. So I vote for further adoption of the "Movie Boyfriend" term! :)