Wednesday, March 4, 2009

show your dorky pride...

Calling all apron lovers (aka dorks)! Get you Apron Pride t-shirts. 
Aren't these t-shirts so much fun? My friend Christie designed them. And people have actually asked us if they could buy one (weird, I know. If you want one click on the link at the right side of this screen, if you can't find the link - you've spent too much time on the internet and should probably put down your mouse and go read a book) 

I have to explain where the name (Apron Dorks) originated from: My sister-in-law invited me to a "come-buy-stuff-so-I-can-get-free-junk" kickback party at her house a couple years ago and I took my friend Rachel with me, when Ashley first saw Rachel she didn't offer the usual (Hi. Nice to meet you, bla, bla, bla) - she said, "Are you one of those apron dorks?"

Well, we embraced the term and if you've spent any late nights sewing with us, you would know we proudly own the term. It doesn't get much more slap happy or dorkier then us. Here's a historical side note for you: Jason (my husband) actually named us the Secret Stitch Club. He (like his little sister) was making fun of us (shocker, I know) and asked if there was some secret stitch we put in each of our aprons so we would know they belonged to us... (He's still waiting for royalties, just keep waiting sweet cheeks - that's okay I'm still waiting for the laundry to get done)... 
So there is a lot of useless information that you've never wanted to know about us but were obliged because you are wasting your time reading this crap instead of someone else's blog. No, you can not have the last 15 minutes of your life back. sorry.

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