Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Abbey's Adventures in Joy School Land

Some of my friends recently created a "Joy School" for our 2 year olds. Abbey loves it. She has fun playing with her friends. We meet twice a week for 2 hours (I love that - running errands w/out kids is heaven!)

We each take turns hosting and we rotate, letters, numbers, colors, and shapes - but at this age it's mostly learning to play nice and spending time away from mom. 

I hosted the week of Abbey's bday so that meant cuppycakes. They were a huge hit (sugar generally is with kids) 

They also loved snack time and played really well together. We only have 5 in this group which is very manageable. 

Abbey & Maddie are the only girls, but they get a long great. Both are determined, a little head strong, but they make each other laugh and both love to sing. 

Jessie hosted this week. I love seeing what the other mom's come up with. Jessie made doggy eared hats with them. She said the kids walked around and laughed at each others hats. I love it!

 Jessie also has a dog which is an added bonus for Abbey. She loves Raheem and force feeds him or chases him around with his water dish (poor Raheem, he will learn soon enough)

Jessie even made deviled eggs which Abbey gobbled up. That's my girl - loves food.

This little boy is Seth and he is just sweet and good, Abbey tends to take advantage of his passive nature and is constantly taking his toys or smacking him to remind him she's in charge (poor guy... makes me worry for her future husband) 

This is Royce, he's learning to stay clear from her when he has toys that she wants. 

Abbey's a funny little monkey - sometimes she like to be a part of the activity, other times she could care less and wants to do her own thing. 

Like I said, Snack time is the BEST time! 

Jessie has dance time which would probably be my favorite activity even though I've lost all sense of coordination (and balance for that matter).

She's become very independent, choosing her own clothes. I thought kids didn't care about clothes until middle school. Nope. At two years old she fights to wear her swimming suits everyday. Good thing we live in AZ.

This is the best group of kids. 

I love to hear them make each other laugh and see them interact. Yeah for Joy School and Yeah for a couple more months of a little bit of alone time for me. Thank you moms for all your hard work - you guys ROCK!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Boo-Bah!

Here is Abbey just a few months old at the Happiest Place on Earth!

We liked this baby - she was a keeper

I think James taught her this pose for pictures

Happy Baby!

kissable lips

oh, my goodness!

Abbey loves dogs and eating dog food even more...

This one is like looking in a mirror

modeling my mom's handiwork.

SHe is a true girl - in love with shoes

hard day shopping at Target

with her best buddies

and her binks

She's a fun little shopping buddy

Her eyes get all smiley like James do.


sleepy girl


loves yorgurt and making a mess!

Happy Birthday Abburps!

We love you sissa.

It's been a good 2 years - especially this last summer

Sunday, September 12, 2010

before and after

Isn't she a beaute? Oh wait... hold on, the phone's ringing. ... Sorry, that was the 1980's calling to get this dresser back. This picture does not do it justice. It's that pinkish wood tone that for some reason was THE rage (my laundry room cabinets were the same unfortunate color), but it was FREE (thank you Tessa & Tiff) - she had definite potential (and Abbey desperately needed a dresser).

This is how she looks now. Isn't she hot stuff. The best part is that she is solid & study (no pressed wood crap covered in vinyl laminate) - when I was sanding her I was almost tempted to stain her a nice coffee color, but I'm too lazy and tired for all the extra steps.

... and check out her rack (hardware), they were the longest handles I could find that would come close to fitting the existing holes. They were $9 each and I needed 6 of them (ouch... kind pricey) EXCEPT that I bought these at a Ace Hardware that was moving locations so I only paid $3.50 per handle (not too shabby)... I'm waiting to get in Paige's loft bed in 'til I post pics of the girls new cutie cute room, and James room is just about finished. Just a few touch ups and I will post those pics. I'm pretty happy with the over all transformation - stay tuned...

My husband has fallen in lOve again...

This is my competition - should I be jealous? Mostly it just makes me laugh when he giggles (like a little boy with Legos) about the latest cool new things he has learned... I can't criticize him too much, I do know what it's like to be enamored with a  machine.

She is tiny, cute, and still my sidekick after 2 years. She comes in handy with school and all my mischief.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Abbey's big day

A few of us mom's decided to form a Joy School co-op for our 2 year olds.

This is my baby girl getting ready for her first day. A little camera shy of all the paparazzi

We actually had our first fight over clothes this morning. I got her dressed in a pillow case dress I made and a pair of shorts. She started trying to rip it off, "Get it off! Get it off" - really? Your only 2 and it really matters that much what you wear?

Here she is forgetting all about me as she starts playing with Seth. I don't know how much she learned, but the socialization should do wonders for her - hopefully make her take it a little bit easier on our new baby... and miss her brother & sister a little less while they are at school.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day - Tombstone Style

This was the teenager Jen when I met and married into this family.

She was a lot of fun & a lot of crazy all in one. We all loved her.

Luckily, her unlikable phase didn't last very long. Here she is a few years later mom of Sadie and married to JC, she was heaps of fun again. 

Here are our 2 babies only like 5 minutes ago (Paige & Sadie).

oops... I blinked. Here are the bff's from last weekend. The span of time from the picture above to this one literally feels like 5 minutes. Where they h... did the time go? and why do I feel so much older?

Crazy Cora and Roy had a lot of fun together. When Abbey would put on this hat she would say "Nee-ha!" (um.. almost, you little city gal)

Crazy Cora is trying to do Roy in. I think she might have shot him in this one.

Crazy Cora, you must have missed. Roy's lookin' a little too lively for being shot at.

Nope. I think she actually hit him in this one. Good job Cora, you might be crazy but you got a decent aim.

Uh-oh! Roy's back with double shooters - watch out!

What? Why me Roy? What did I ever done to ya? I'm merely just takin' a few pictures. Don't shoot Roy.

Roy always gets the last word in. Roy's word is law around these parts, and he claims Cora didn't know no better anyhow.

This is what we did a lot this weekend. Hang out, sleep, watch movies, beeee lazzzzy!

Let's not forget all the room there is outside. All kinds of fun things to see and spend energy on, so we can watch more movies later when we tucker ourselves out.

The kids mosey-ing around the stables.

Oh, look a baby goat.

Who knew they could be so cute or that such cute girls would ever be huggin' and lov'n on baby goats.

James loves anything with "baby" in it's name including tiny little goats.

Paige would snuggle up to anything with fur.

Horses don't have fur and here she is having a panic attack - not a big fan or horse riding (too chicken, just like her mom)

James on the other hand.... loved every minute. Look no hands!

Hey started asking aunt Jen if he could hold the reins or make it run... (he scares this chicken momma) luckily Aunt Jen said let's save that for another time (like maybe 20 years from now).

Cody was giving this troff a work out and needed me to record the evidence.

Nothings better then chocolate & marshmallows. Aunt Jen is the coolest (did I mention she let them eat cake for breakfast?! You can tell she is related to the Candyman aka. Grandpa Ron) I think Abbey & their cousin Reese got a little tipsy from marshmallow overload.

This little sucker was hanging out nearby and only discovered a few hours later. Here he is ready to strike at JC. Little did he know how handy JC is with a shovel. Jen cut off the rattle and gave it to James as a keepsake. You would have thought someone handed James the deed to Disneyland. He took it to school with a few pictures from Tombstone and told his class all about it. 

Our last few moments. So much fun. Abbey loved Jester (Jojo's dog) almost as much as Cody. That's one tough little doggie... it survived "Coyotes", coyotes, and Uncle JC (which can be just as rough).

Cody & Jordyn both offered to come and live with me. Cody tried to stow away and Jordyn said she was willing to transfer schools, until I told her she would have to take Paige's place in the 3rd grade with 6 pages of math a night - she quickly changed her mind.

Jordyn waving goodbye from the pole. I saw a huge scorpion near that light our first night there. I think I will keep my annoying aunts, crickets, beetles, and occasional cockroaches - over all the critters they deal with daily. See this post for more of an explanation.

The drive home was amazing... I took the scenic route on the 83 through Whetstone, AZ. The cool part of Tombstone is that it is really laid back, and you can take it easy - but it's minutes away from really beautiful country.

... to Sonoita, AZ - gorgeous country. The kids didn't see any of this their eyes were glazed over with portable DVD players mesmerizing effects.

It actually reminded me a lot of Wyoming (near Yellowstone/Jackson) and Eastern Idaho. So beautiful. I love this amazing desert state. 

When I got home this is what I found - Jason working away.

He decided to teach our son how to mow the lawn. It's a good trait and warms my heart just to see it. We're sorry Jason couldn't go with us - maybe next time.