Saturday, September 11, 2010

Abbey's big day

A few of us mom's decided to form a Joy School co-op for our 2 year olds.

This is my baby girl getting ready for her first day. A little camera shy of all the paparazzi

We actually had our first fight over clothes this morning. I got her dressed in a pillow case dress I made and a pair of shorts. She started trying to rip it off, "Get it off! Get it off" - really? Your only 2 and it really matters that much what you wear?

Here she is forgetting all about me as she starts playing with Seth. I don't know how much she learned, but the socialization should do wonders for her - hopefully make her take it a little bit easier on our new baby... and miss her brother & sister a little less while they are at school.

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JC and Jen Young said...

She looks so cute! I really enjoyed being with her while you were gone the other day! Sadie was and is the same way with clothes.