Sunday, September 12, 2010

before and after

Isn't she a beaute? Oh wait... hold on, the phone's ringing. ... Sorry, that was the 1980's calling to get this dresser back. This picture does not do it justice. It's that pinkish wood tone that for some reason was THE rage (my laundry room cabinets were the same unfortunate color), but it was FREE (thank you Tessa & Tiff) - she had definite potential (and Abbey desperately needed a dresser).

This is how she looks now. Isn't she hot stuff. The best part is that she is solid & study (no pressed wood crap covered in vinyl laminate) - when I was sanding her I was almost tempted to stain her a nice coffee color, but I'm too lazy and tired for all the extra steps.

... and check out her rack (hardware), they were the longest handles I could find that would come close to fitting the existing holes. They were $9 each and I needed 6 of them (ouch... kind pricey) EXCEPT that I bought these at a Ace Hardware that was moving locations so I only paid $3.50 per handle (not too shabby)... I'm waiting to get in Paige's loft bed in 'til I post pics of the girls new cutie cute room, and James room is just about finished. Just a few touch ups and I will post those pics. I'm pretty happy with the over all transformation - stay tuned...

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the Picketts said...

love the dresser- your amazing at all you do!! wish i was more like you in many ways...but i'm not so there!

ps-Thank you maren for your lovely comment--ha ha- its true tho- i never do my hair- do i know how to do my hair or makeup? no- thank heavens for carrie:)