Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Abbey's Adventures in Joy School Land

Some of my friends recently created a "Joy School" for our 2 year olds. Abbey loves it. She has fun playing with her friends. We meet twice a week for 2 hours (I love that - running errands w/out kids is heaven!)

We each take turns hosting and we rotate, letters, numbers, colors, and shapes - but at this age it's mostly learning to play nice and spending time away from mom. 

I hosted the week of Abbey's bday so that meant cuppycakes. They were a huge hit (sugar generally is with kids) 

They also loved snack time and played really well together. We only have 5 in this group which is very manageable. 

Abbey & Maddie are the only girls, but they get a long great. Both are determined, a little head strong, but they make each other laugh and both love to sing. 

Jessie hosted this week. I love seeing what the other mom's come up with. Jessie made doggy eared hats with them. She said the kids walked around and laughed at each others hats. I love it!

 Jessie also has a dog which is an added bonus for Abbey. She loves Raheem and force feeds him or chases him around with his water dish (poor Raheem, he will learn soon enough)

Jessie even made deviled eggs which Abbey gobbled up. That's my girl - loves food.

This little boy is Seth and he is just sweet and good, Abbey tends to take advantage of his passive nature and is constantly taking his toys or smacking him to remind him she's in charge (poor guy... makes me worry for her future husband) 

This is Royce, he's learning to stay clear from her when he has toys that she wants. 

Abbey's a funny little monkey - sometimes she like to be a part of the activity, other times she could care less and wants to do her own thing. 

Like I said, Snack time is the BEST time! 

Jessie has dance time which would probably be my favorite activity even though I've lost all sense of coordination (and balance for that matter).

She's become very independent, choosing her own clothes. I thought kids didn't care about clothes until middle school. Nope. At two years old she fights to wear her swimming suits everyday. Good thing we live in AZ.

This is the best group of kids. 

I love to hear them make each other laugh and see them interact. Yeah for Joy School and Yeah for a couple more months of a little bit of alone time for me. Thank you moms for all your hard work - you guys ROCK!!


JC and Jen Young said...

Oh she looks to big, make it stop make it stop!

Bubbly Faces said...

I don't know why but she just makes me laugh.. she is so dang cute!