Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween in St.George

This year we got to spend our Halloween in St.George, UT... so much fun! This was our first year to Trick or Treat with our Utah cousins. We were in Utah for Aunt Meggie's wedding. We love Megan & had a blast!

The boys attack Megan...

All the kids together - Indian Lexi, Yum Yum (the puppy), Jackson (transformer), Molly Mae (Cinderella), Paige (Princess), Abby (Cinderella's worker mouse), Tommy (ninja), Ashley (Pocahontas), Abbey (pink kitten), and James (Spider man)

The two Abbey's - Abbey Buchanan (Maren & Jason) and Abby Byrnes (Josh & Alea)

Scott, Jason & Josh - hanging out watching the kids play.

Paige & Molly Mae - our two princesses

Jason & James - Trick or Treating

Paige, Aunt Sunny & Lexi - running around Trick and Treating!

Baby Abbey at our neighborhood party in Mesa.

James & Paige on their way to the neighborhood party

My little kissable kitty cat! Sooo adorable!

a pirate says arrrgggh!

We were invited to James friend Austin's birthday party. It was 'pirates gone wild!' It was so fun and there was buried treasure to be found.

My Pirate Princess Paige... she can arrrggh - like no other.
Pirate Maren & baby Abbey got into the pirate themed spirit of things.

Abbey in her pirate garb. I made her this onesie before the party so she could fit into this rough crowd.
James is walking the plank while Paige guides him to his final destination.

Christie & Gavin and Maren & Abbey chat it up.

Like the do? - My friend Chelsea rocks!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Abbey is 4 weeks old

okay... right now! Now she looks like me. Actually - I can't tell who this baby looks like. Sometimes I think Jason when she makes faces & I hear people say she looks like James a lot. I'm still deciding.
My bald headed James - actually he had more of a comb over going on. Come to think of it, he kind of still does (he's still bald in back)

Paige was just chub from the start. Boy, she was a cute baby. With the way Abbey eats I'm waiting for her to chub up here pretty quick.

How many other newborns do you know that can wear clips in their hair. I can't get enough of her full little head of hair. I think it is so cute!

Paige's Ghost tutorial

Paige has been obsessed with making ghosts. She wanted me to post these pictures we took the 1st night I showed her how to make them. Since that time she has made tons. I am finding cotton balls everywhere. Paige loves crafts & making things so much, I can see her having a very crafty future ahead of her - more over Martha

Here's how we did it (not that you can't figure it out on your own)... Wrap a cotton ball in tissue and use a piece of yarn to tie it closed.
Draw on a face and skewer the head with a needle & fishing wire.

Make dozens of them to hang up and give to anyone who walks through your front door.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Conference at the Buchanan's

Twice a year we are given council by our prophet & church leaders. It is televised where we live and because of the comfort of watching "Conference" in our own home & the peaceful voices of the various speakers, often we find this happening...

Are they really asleep or just contemplating/meditating on very deep topics?

So... I have no excuse - I'm just loving all over Abbey. She is trying to pay attention and set a good example for me, but I just can't seem to get past how cute she is or all her little baby growly noises.

Paige is the only member at least doing something somewhat constructive. She has a "conference book" to help keep small children occupied/interested in conference. I feel like I'm being roped in to help her write the correct answers instead of her enjoying it and making the most out of the 2 hour session.

Friday, October 3, 2008

the many faces of Abbey

These are some of my favorite faces that Abbey has made over the last 2 weeks of her whole little life.
I love that she is making a face. I'm kissing her like 24/7 and I'm always wondering what must be going through her head.
This is such a James/Jason face. I can not count how many times I've seen this face from either of them.
We don't have a closet full of stuffed animals to get the "hidden E.T." picture - but hey a mountain of laundry is almost as good right?

She made this face at only 1 day old. I think she was crying and I was too interested in watching her to find out what she needed (she probably just wanted more kisses...)

Another Jason/James face. This is how Jason looks right before he cries... yeah right. His mom doesn't call him "cardboard boy" for nothing (Jason can be quite apathetic at times).

So after looking at all these pictures I keep asking myself - are these faces learned or genetically programmed into her DNA? Here is Paige & James - Paige usually smiles, but James never makes a straight face.
Could it be that they learned this from their parents?

Or does it come from further down the line (My dad aka "Silly Grandpa)?