Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Abbey is 4 weeks old

okay... right now! Now she looks like me. Actually - I can't tell who this baby looks like. Sometimes I think Jason when she makes faces & I hear people say she looks like James a lot. I'm still deciding.
My bald headed James - actually he had more of a comb over going on. Come to think of it, he kind of still does (he's still bald in back)

Paige was just chub from the start. Boy, she was a cute baby. With the way Abbey eats I'm waiting for her to chub up here pretty quick.

How many other newborns do you know that can wear clips in their hair. I can't get enough of her full little head of hair. I think it is so cute!


Stacey said...

I think she looks like her own little sweet self! Whenever Jace plays he names his characters (kitchen guests, trains, or stuffed animals) James and Cade. We miss you guys too!

Joele and Matt said...

She is so cute. I still thinks she looks like James which is not a bad thing cause he is such a darn cutie! Love Paige's ghost too:)

matusichfamily said...

What a cute little one you have!! She has so much hair.. My little one has almost no hair!!Lol.. You are such a cute mommy!! !Tiff