Friday, October 3, 2008

the many faces of Abbey

These are some of my favorite faces that Abbey has made over the last 2 weeks of her whole little life.
I love that she is making a face. I'm kissing her like 24/7 and I'm always wondering what must be going through her head.
This is such a James/Jason face. I can not count how many times I've seen this face from either of them.
We don't have a closet full of stuffed animals to get the "hidden E.T." picture - but hey a mountain of laundry is almost as good right?

She made this face at only 1 day old. I think she was crying and I was too interested in watching her to find out what she needed (she probably just wanted more kisses...)

Another Jason/James face. This is how Jason looks right before he cries... yeah right. His mom doesn't call him "cardboard boy" for nothing (Jason can be quite apathetic at times).

So after looking at all these pictures I keep asking myself - are these faces learned or genetically programmed into her DNA? Here is Paige & James - Paige usually smiles, but James never makes a straight face.
Could it be that they learned this from their parents?

Or does it come from further down the line (My dad aka "Silly Grandpa)?


Joele and Matt said...

She's beautiful!! I still James in her. Tell James I enjoyed hanging out with him at the office. He cracks me up!!

the Picketts said...

i like the 4th and 5th ones the best...she is so sweet!!

Jill Manning said...

I love that you have capture all of her adorable little faces!! She will hate them when she is older but you be so happy you have them!!

The AZ McMillans said...

Yeah, I have no idea where she got all those crazy faces from! :) She is such a cutie. I would be kissin' that face 24/7 too.

JC and Jen Young said...

What cute pictures of everyone!

Adams Family said...

Oh I want to see her and eat her. I am so baby hungry. She is so darn cute. I need more advance notice of when you are coming to Utah so that I can catch up with you. My kids are wearing me out. I need to hang with the girls.

~nikki said...

This is one of my fav posts. Silly and darling funny faces are the BEST!