Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween in St.George

This year we got to spend our Halloween in St.George, UT... so much fun! This was our first year to Trick or Treat with our Utah cousins. We were in Utah for Aunt Meggie's wedding. We love Megan & had a blast!

The boys attack Megan...

All the kids together - Indian Lexi, Yum Yum (the puppy), Jackson (transformer), Molly Mae (Cinderella), Paige (Princess), Abby (Cinderella's worker mouse), Tommy (ninja), Ashley (Pocahontas), Abbey (pink kitten), and James (Spider man)

The two Abbey's - Abbey Buchanan (Maren & Jason) and Abby Byrnes (Josh & Alea)

Scott, Jason & Josh - hanging out watching the kids play.

Paige & Molly Mae - our two princesses

Jason & James - Trick or Treating

Paige, Aunt Sunny & Lexi - running around Trick and Treating!

Baby Abbey at our neighborhood party in Mesa.

James & Paige on their way to the neighborhood party

My little kissable kitty cat! Sooo adorable!


Jill Manning said...

Elsie feels so honored to have the same costume as Abby, its true she told me the other day! And how cute is that worker mouse costume, where can I get my hands on that? What fun for your kids to be with their cousins!

JC and Jen Young said...

They all look so cute! Well I guess I will have to wait a whole month more before meeting Abbey Cadabby, we are not comming down for Thanksgiving :(

Jennifer Greer said...

Guess who's blogging? =) Thats right I even am starting my own...about time right? The kids look adorable! My blogg is almost complete if you want to check it out its I am in the blog world, there is no turning back!

JC and Jen Young said...

I need more Abbey pictures ASAP!