Thursday, July 3, 2008

a summer catchup... of sorts

We took my niece to Disneyland while she was here. It was a blast & I am so grateful that Jason's parents have enough patience and love to want to vacation with me & my brood.

Avery was ready to adopt Jason's parents after the first day. Annette & I laughed to ourselves saying "ignorance is bliss"...
The new show at Playhouse Disney is so fun. It has Handy Many, Little Einsteins, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters. Here we are hanging out in the shade waiting for the next showing.

Paige is a serious driver (Autopia) and really doesn't like to be bothered while she is driving.

Annette on the other hand is in "normal" driving mode for her. Phone in one hand, wheel in the other.
3 little Blondie's on the teacups. Paige & Avery threatened to make it spin really fast. Annette was the only one brave enough to ride with them. Ron & I wimped out & let James try his hardest to crank the wheel in the teacups (not very much spinning on our end - thank goodness)

New/old favorite place to eat. Goofy's Kitchen! I know I rant & rave about Goofy's Kitchen - but I've never been for dinner. It was awesome. Breakfast is really chaotic & there are a million people and you maybe get to visit with 2 or 3 characters. This time we had Goofy, Dale, Pluto, Cinderella, Minnie, and Aurora. There restaurant was 25% full if that & we had a great time. Our server overheard us talking & found out it was Ron's bday. They came out & sang and brought him a cupcake with a candle. It was really cool.
My two little Diva's as we drive from the hotel to the Disneyland.

Avery & her favorite character. Paige looks a little dazed & confused, "What you mean we have to wait in line? Don't they know who I am?"

BFF's - at least in the time it took for this picture to be snapped.

Avery & her cute face painting. Paige didn't want anything to do with it - but the Princess Fantasy Faire is always magical.

James in our hotel room cleaning up. He found the fire-log-carrier-thingy & thought it was the coolest thing ever invented.

This was story/singing time at The Calafornia Grand Hotel. Disney is full of these magical little events that add to the fun & experience. Infront of the kids is our "folk singer' hitting on Grandma Nette because she doesn't look old enough to be a grandma & a huge roaring fireplace. It was so cozy & nice.
Ranger Jane is getting frustrated with James & the giant swing. He didn't get it and she looked annoyed after we went on the swing 3 times in a row. James had a blast and Ranger Joe made conversation with me telling me that he was only 4 months along (he wasn't even showing!) - yet I think he might have meant his wife.

James was tall enough for "Grizzly River Rabbitts" but that is only because Jason stuffed his old soles into new shoes that made him just clear the marker. They got hit by the geyser at the end & ended up soaked.

James is wiping Annette's kiss off. He has enough moisture on him already.

James was also tall enough to ride Muholland Maddness. Yeah. I'm not too sad I missed out on that one. James had a blast.

This was one of the major reasons for our impromptu trip. They had opened the Toy Story Midway Mania ride for 1 day before their big premiere happening the following week. Because we were annual passport holders we could ride as many times as we wanted this one day from 10 until 3pm. They had some malfunctions and closed the ride for a bit. But we still got on it 3 times, each time smuggling Avery on (she only had a 3 day pass). Anyway, it's a great ride. It's part arcade, part ride, and really fun.

Paige, James & Avery show me how they are going to shoot the 3-D objects on this ride. They are some serious shooters.

We stayed at the Residence Inn about 5 miles from the park. It was awesome. One morning we had to wait forever to leave & the girls opted for a photo shoot wearing their matching outfits that Annette got for them at the outlet malls. I think overall Avery had fun, at times she got annoyed at my kids constant need for her attention (her brother's just ignore her at home) - but I had to take her aside and explain to her she is like Hannah Montana to my kids & while she has a superstar status - there is no way my kids will give her a moments peace.


Jill Manning said...

Oh, you just made me homesick for Disneyland!! Next time I go, I will have to look for Goofy's Kitchen, in honor of Disney's biggest fan...Miss Maren!!!

~nikki said...

I am DYING TO GO to Disneyland. This just fans the flame.