Thursday, July 3, 2008

June 27th - Happy 4 Years to James

I don't even think I can call him my baby anymore. I can't believe it's been 4 years. It has flown by. I have loved the crazy/fun/loving dynamic James has brought to our family. He is so unique with the things he says and does. He is a constant source of entertainment and such a blessing to our lives. James was born in one of the hardest years for our family, 2004 was a struggle with Jason's family and loosing my grandmother that I had been really close to. But he was the bright light we needed to get through all the difficult times.

This is my boy showing off his bum(blebee) or just his new jammies. He got Jack the Pumpkin King jammies for his birthday and was dancing around like a crazy man. I asked him to show me his present & he stuck out his bum. I couldn't stop laughing. He is always so full of it.

James has been wanting a real bike for years. He had the pleasure of riding his friend Eliot's bike for a week when they left it at our house. So when he saw this one in the front room - he said, "Look mom Eliot's bike." Then I said No, that's Jamie's bike. He was so excited and jumped right on it ready to go. We have since been on a few bike rides in 110 plus degrees - so he can enjoy his new bike. After James favorite breakfast of eggs, we met up with a few friends (Wrights & Bodily's) at the Splash Park and had Popsicles. It was such a great morning. James got to wear his new Captain Jack Sparrow swim shorts & shirt to the park.

Jason got home early and James chose to go play "rolling ball" for his activity. It was fun. It was just our little family, but the kids had a blast. I like having a family party. It's nice just to all be together and enjoy each others weird/crazy sense of humor. I gave him different gifts during the day and spread out the fun.

Was I worried that he would squish his head or get smacked in the face... no I was more surprised when it didn't happen. He is such a funny kid. He waited for his ball like this every time.
Jason helping James to line up his ball. I think James scored a fairly descent game.
I just got a strike and was doing a happy dace that James got a picture of. It's not so hard to strike out with bumper guards up. I could bowl with Bumper guards every time and be perfectly content with my bowling score.

James birthday was Friday the same day that Wall.e came out. He thought it was planned just like that for his birthday. Wasn't it though? Anyway, we waited to go to a Saturday matinee so we could have Grandpa Ron & Grandma Nette go with us. We saw the movie & the kids got to play in the fountains out in font of the movie theatre. Then we went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner.

Back at the house we had presents, a huge ice cream cake (I actually made) and his great grandparents come over. It was a great birthday. James favorite gifts were from Grandma Nette. She bought him a Wall.e and a Wall.e arm that can pick things up. He loved the log clutcher at our hotel in Anaheim and here was one of his very own.

What birthday wouldn't be complete without your best friend. James took this picture while we were bowling. They had such a great day together and barely fought, which made it a great day for me. Happy Birthday "bookie-boos"! We love you!

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I love the bum picture in true form of a Buchanan child!