Monday, July 21, 2008

July 9th - Happy Birthday Paige

Happy Birthday Paige!! My little girl just turned 6 years old... and she will be in 1st grade. Should I start feeling old now? Paige is a birthday junkie. She keeps count of days and then is always asking if that's all the presents we got her. She is such a funny girl. She spreads it out as long as she can and you can't skip even one tradition with her. Here she is Birthday morning waking up before daddy left for work to see her brand new bike.

it has since lost the training wheels and she's not to thrilled with that, but promises to try to learn how to ride a 2 wheeler (so far that means Jason holding onto the back the entire time when they go for bike rides).
Paige insisted on chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast with candles (like Aunt Jen makes) - I swear you miss just one birthday and you make up for it every year by having a new tradition added to their lists. I shaped it like Mickey Mouse & added the whip cream & cherry. It turned out cute & didn't taste too bad. We loved singing to her; just James & me.
close up on breakfast Mickey with candles lit.
Paige couldn't decide between a movie and the Splash Park. Finally she decided on the Splash Park. Paige's good friend Carla came along for the fun. Carla stayed all morning and played. Paige had a lot of fun with her. We ended the morning with lunch from Mickey Donald's (Paige's choice). Then she got to get babysat by her fun Aunt Jen while I went to a Dr.'s appt.
After Jason came home it was time for Bowling with the family for Paige's activity. She had such a great time at James birthday she was excited to do it again for hers. We had a little bit of a wait so she challenged Jason to a game of air hockey and won.
She gets pretty serious about her bowling techniques and tries many different ones. She is constantly watching the scores making sure hers is higher then James.

I love this picture with her hands on her hips. How cute is that stance? Waiting for the outcome.

James helping me out by fixing the scores. That's my boy.

Jason loves a good game of bowling. Paige captured his excitement in this photo.

Saturday we went to Makutu's Island with all her cousins. It was so much fun. Her favorite St. Johns cousins were there. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera - but you can see how cool it is inside by these pictures. It reminds me of Peter Pans hideout in NeverNeverLand.

After playing for a couple hours we went out to eat at Macayo's Mexican food. Paige is an Arizonian through & through. She loves her Mexican food and the best part about it was more presents. Ashley & Grandma Nette both gave her even more gifts. What a lucky girl!


JC & Jen Young said...

Happy Birthday Paigey Poos we were so happy that we were invited to your birthday party and sorry we had to miss the slpash park! I am glad that I got to add to one of Paiges birthday traditions! Love that girl!

RatalieNose said...

And then we all ate deformed cup cakes.