Monday, February 9, 2009

time goes by a little too fast

I was looking through an album of old photos & here are some fun ones I found with cousins...
Asia as Snow White & Paige as Tinkerbell - they were typecasted. Asia is a sweetheart & Paige is a little sassy.

Melissa, Paige & Macey

Our Cheer pictures - back when I was cool (right Melissa & Lauren?)

Zach, Sadie & Paige - then
Paige, Sadie & Zack (then)

now 2008 - Sadie, Zack & Paige

the pixie (Jordyn) & the Paige

Nick & James - chubby babies

Nick, the pixie (Jordyn) and James - Now 2008

child labor laws - hey they wanted to wash my car. I just provided the bucket & wash cloths and didn't let them stop until they did an adequate job for 2 year olds.

Sadie & Asia scrubbing away at my car, what is it about babies in diapers (so cute) - these girls are 7 years old.

Snow White & Batman Halloween of 2005 - she had some serious curls!

Nick & James - they wrestle like WWF professionals - you forget they used to sit in high chairs

I forgot how Blonde James was...


RatalieNose said...

Oh staraight Presh! K its so weird. It would always bug me when people would come up to me and be like "Oh you were so small last time I saw you, you're growing up so fast" and now I do it ALL THE TIME!

JC and Jen Young said...

OH MY HELL!! I can't beileve how different JoJo looks, it is crazy I am going to steel some of these pics and blog them on mine so if you don't want me to let me know