Monday, February 2, 2009

neked baby & sisters

My kids favorite thing to do is to make Abbey laugh & it really doesn't take much work. She loves Paige & James and is such a happy baby... seriously, she must have something extra in her formula - wonder if that would work on adults. Hmmm....

Paige rarely sets Abbey down, or if she is done holding her she will bring her to us to hold. For some reason babies must be held 24/7 according to Paige.

Here is Abbey in the sink. I couldn't resist this picture. She is just too cute!

I took like 2 steps back so you could see how teeny tiny she looks in her bath, although I think she might like the tub more. I lay her in 1 inch of water on her back & she kicks like a mad woman!! It's hilarious. It will be fun when she can sit up.

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Christie said...

I love neked babies! Abbey is especially cute.