Monday, August 4, 2008

home at last

We drove up to Utah on July 22nd and had a day to get ready & help my parents pack. For me that meant shopping with my mom and sisters & coming up with meals. It was hectic as it always is, but lots of fun. Once the chaos subsides and your on your way things really get exciting. This was our first "Byrnes Family Reunion" and we almost had everyone here this year (we missed Sunny & Alli). It was also our first time at Bear Lake. Only a 3 hour drive from my parents which was really nice since most years the minimum is 6 hours. This is Paige & Jackson in the water (I forgot my camera & had to steal this pic from my sissy's blog)

This was basically the view from our camp site. We stayed at Rendezvous Beach state park (which means flushing toilets, water, and hot showers) basically luxurious camping for us - we who are used to holes in the ground and "bathing" in the local lake, freezing cold creek, or paying astronomical amounts of $ for a 5 minute hot shower. Life was easy. The weather was perfect. Highs in the mid 80's, lows in the 50's. I actually slept pretty well at 8 months pregnant on an air mattress. The kids had fun on the beach. We were 50 yards from the beach and there was a huge sandbar that we could walk out at least 100 yards before it covered our legs.

We spent a day at a nearby cave we showed up at noon and was told to come back in 5 hours. It was pretty busy. The cave was 40' degrees and freezing. Luckily all the stairs had railings but it was quite a workout. Up and down, up and down - starts making you feel like a billy goat. My dad counted over a thousand steps. It was pretty amazing.
I just wish I was in better shape a couple spots made me dizzy and the handrails turned our hands black, but it was gorgeous! Afterwards we stopped in Garden City for the best shakes I think I've ever had. We also bought Raspberry Jam & local yummy treats. This area of Utah/Idaho is known for it's Raspberries... yummy. After spending 5 days camping/swimming we headed back. Jason had to fly home but the kids & I were lucky enough to stay another week. They loved their Utah Cousins. James was ready to head home but Paige kept begging for just one more day. My sister was sweet enough to throw me a baby shower in Utah. After 4 years and 2 kids I've realized how unprepared I am for a new baby. Everything has either broken, got "borrowed", accidentally sold at a yard sale, or is stained beyond recognition. I got some cute "girl" outfits from my mom - some "boy" outfits from my sister (with 3 boys) and some diapers & baby necessities. It's really fun not knowing what I'm having. It's like Christmas in September this year. My favorite part of the shower (other then the food - my sister is a fantastic cook) was hanging out with my ladies - I never get to see. I finally got to meet a really cool chic who has been apart of the SSC for months and my friend Jenny who moved to Utah from AZ almost a year ago. Time flies, but nothing beats hanging out and having girl time.


The AZ McMillans said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I'm glad you're back!!

Jill Manning said...

What a fun trip and I am so glad that you didn't pop while you were on your trip! I can't wait to hear what you are having; a pink or blue baby!!!