Thursday, August 7, 2008

what would I do without my dad?

Normally when I drive home from Utah it's just me & the kids and we've done it for like 5 summers & is really not a big deal... but I've also never been 8 months pregnant and ready to pop! This year my dad offered to drive me home and then fly back to Utah. It was so great since my nephew also road with us as far as Las Vegas. I've never driven the Las Vegas way except maybe once years and years ago - anyway, my dad made sure we were on track an didn't get lost.
My mom loves driving this way for Hoover Dam, which I admit is pretty cool - but it takes like 3 hours longer (especially since the huge mega-bridge is under construction & everyone has to stop & stare) and when it's 114' degrees out and your a/c just isn't up to par with your internal body heater that kicks you in the ribs every so often just to make sure you haven't forgotten her/him... not worth it for me. I ended up only driving about 2 or 3 hours and my dad was "trucker Terry" up for the long haul.

My kids loved hanging out & wrestling with "Silly Grandpa" especially this one. James just doesn't give my dad a break which is kind of funny. I imagine James to be a lot like his grandpa when my dad was but a lad.

Monday night Jason's parents babysat which was wonderful & we took my dad to see "The Dark Knight" then Tuesday the kids wanted to take my dad bowling for the last night he was here. He used to be on a league and had a ton of bowling trophies - but he has lost his steam. He barely beat me by 1 pin (that lucky dog) and that's with "bumper bowling" - the best part of the night was after 9 pm when they turn off all the lights & jazz up the music. My kids went wild. They had moves that would put Napoleon Dynamite to shame.

BUT the best part of having my dad here was car shopping with him. He did everything. He looked up cars, he made calls, he dealt with people. When we went to dealerships he would talk to the vultures and look at the cars for me. Meanwhile I sat in the car reading my book while the kids watched movies. I didn't have to drag them anywhere. He looked at tires, mileage, dents, took test drives, etc. He would only get me if he thought it was worth my time to look at. And he loves to haggle prices. I run the opposite way when I see a salesman and try to hide from them between the cars - but my dad meets them head on like a bull charging in a ring. Go Dad! He did help us narrow our search & I even think we might have found one. Thanks Dad, your the best!


Jill Manning said...

What a great Grandpa and Dad!!!! Now I know where you get it from Maren!!!

JC & Jen Young said...

I hated driving when I was that pregant!! I would complain just about having to go from here to the valley. Sounds like you trip was lost of fun though!

JC & Jen Young said...
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