Saturday, April 26, 2008

my baby is growing up...

Why is it so hard watching your oldest take new steps and grow up? She's loosing teeth, taking on the responsibility of pets, homework, cleaning her room, she's being invited to birthday parties, getting good grades, and she's calling boys... what happened to my chubby little baby girl? I yell at her all the time to "stop growing" and "go back!" so I can hear her cute prattle again or rock her to sleep at night. I know why kindergarten is a love/hate relationship with parents - they have to see their babies grow and take new steps. She reads and spells to me all the time. She is so smart & so cute it breaks my heart to think that boys will be calling her (because she is a cutie) in a few years.

well, she took another big step.
She decided she wanted her ears pierced. I decided when she was a baby that I wanted it to be her choice & when she thought she was ready, we'd go do it.

She warmed up to the idea about a week ago when she saw these earrings that I bought off of etsy.
Then yesterday she called one of her all-time favorite bff's Grandma Nette and planned a "Girls Day Out" - including lunch at the mall & ice creams - she had her moral support lined up & we set out to get 'er done.
She was giddy & silly on the way to the mall & while picking out some darling pink flower earrings at the store.
The girl marked her ears and Paige gave her the okay.
Then the first pierce & Paige broke down. Big huge alligator tears flowed down her cheeks and she didn't want the other one done but braved it out.
At lunch & ice cream after she said they didn't even hurt.

But my heart ached seeing my big girl looking back at me with a big smile & pierced ears.


The Blakes said...

That is a big step! And I can't believe she's almost a 1st grader!!!

By the way, when do I get to steal her again. We had fun last week...

The AZ McMillans said...

What a brave girl! Seriously, would we allow anyone to put holes in our ears as adults? I'm not so sure. Those pictures are so sweet, she was such a cute, chubby baby. I bet she can't wait until she can borrow your cute cherry earrings...and then lose them like I lost all my mom's earrings. Yay Paige!

Jill Manning said...

Oh my goodness, pierced ears, what a brave brave girl! She looks darling, I absolutely love the new bangs!