Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kung Fu - James

James has been taking Karate every day after school in the gym. 

 He absolutely loves it. I guess the first day he kept telling the instructor he had seen Karate Kid (1980's version) and that he already knew a lot from watching TV.

He is such a goofball to watch. Here they are running relays. They have to run to the other side of the gym and do 5 or 10 pushups and run back. 

He loves karate because it is something fun he gets to do with his buddy Seth. 

He's actually not too bad when he pays attention. 

His pushups make me laugh. He moves his bum up and down more then his elbows. 

They learn a lot of self-defense tactics and he can take down bigger kids. 

I thought the some of the things they learned were pretty cool. He can't stand still in line though waiting for his turn.

Here Seth is pretending to be a bully while the other boy does and arm sweep. 

The other boys are just watching the show. 

This class only lasted 6 weeks, but another session starts up in November. Yeah!

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Annette said...

Good for you James! You're our Karate Kid. I love you!