Monday, July 2, 2007

My boy turns 3 years

I can't believe James is three. Time has flown by. We had a great time on his birthday. We went to see "Surf's Up" (a nonpolitical penguin movie) with our friends the Hall's (Gunner was in my Playschool last year).

As you can see we arrived early and I went to the front to dance and act like a freak, while watching Paige & Asia (our 
cousin) get embarrassed. James thought I was funny, that's all that matters right? Notice how clean it is - yeah, not so much when we left about three quarters of the way into the movie - the kids had their fill and we left for James favorite place - The Mall.

At the mall we met our friends the Webb's and the Runyan's who joined us for our gourmet dining experience. Notice that the birthday boy isn't even in the picture - he is over at another table (probably shopping for a new family).

We rode the carousel and all the kids loved it. Next we went to the kids play area and it was closed for cleaning (nice to know that happens occasionally) so we killed time by eating some Dippin' Dots - that was a first time for us - pretty messy and strange texture, but the kids thought it was frozen candy and a little higher than I would have liked, but they burned off their sugar rush at the play area. Jason caught up with us and it was a nice afternoon. James crashed on the way home.

Later that night we went to Chuck E. Cheese (their pizza is not that great) but the kids had a blast wasting their tokens on everything that looked close enough to be a coin slot. James favorite thing was the monster truck, as you can see.

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