Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Jason from "Gappy" & Paige

Jason turned the big 31 today. Now for an entire week he can not call me "old lady" - "elderly" or anything in that nature. We are exactly the same age for 7 days and you better believe I will enjoy every last one of them... and also that it starts the countdown till my big day. Do I love birthdays you ask? of course, it's the one day my inbox is full of emails (not just forwards) and my phone rings with more then just solicitors at the other end. Usually is it the people I love most in this world wishing me well. I love birthdays - just because you get remembered.

This is an extreme closeup of how siblings play. James was trying to bite Paige so she smacked him or something to the effect that his already loose tooth (from a different incident all together) was pushed forward to the point of no return. We rushed him to the dentist and within a minute the dentist had yanked it out. Now our son "Gappy" will have a hole in his mouth until about 6 years old when his permanents will begin to grow in. I would call him a "dorse" (he made up that word) but the gap actually looks kind of cute on his rogue-ish face. My little Willoughby (rogue-ish hunk from Jane Austen novel).

Yes. We do have the house decorated & ready for Christmas. So it will be all nice & cozy when we get back from Utah on Sunday. Paige picked out these singing bells to go around her window. After Jason had hung them and turned the music on - we sat in the front room and could hear her singing along. It was too cute. I love this time of year!


JC & Jen Young said...

yeah yeah yeah put the blame on sweet inocent Paige, we all know how you punish your kids Maren. He really looks cute like that. I just wish that my husband would get into the Christmas spirit at least on Christmas morning. Jason is fun. Be safe going to Utah!! Have fun.

The AZ McMillans said...

Happy Birthday Jason. I'm glad you will be the same age for 7 whole days. Kevin and I are never the same age so I will always be old lady.

I have to say, Gappy is adorable with the tooth missing. He is so cute!

We will miss you while you are gone and hope you stay warm and have a great time in Utah! I love that your house is decorated already. I don't think it's every too early to decorate for Christmas. Well, maybe not in March...

The Blakes said...

Kids can always get away with a missing tooth and look good. Adults can't...unless they live in the backwoods of Georgia.

Love the Christmas spirit at your house! I'm dying to put my things up but am patiently waiting for a day Trent is actually home.

Miss you!

jon & kara said...

MAREN!! I finally was able to get into your blog. I always get blocked when I try and I tried again today when I found Kim's blog and I was successful! Hurray!
How are you?! Your kids are soo big and cute. I miss you girls from the old ward. I'm jealous that I'm not part of the stitch club too. I've been in the primary the whole time at our new ward, the ladies are fun, but nothing like the Stewart ward. That's so great that you are teaching. Did you finish your Masters degree? You are always such a busy girl. Well I hope all is well and that I can keep getting into your blog from now on..if you don't mind. : )

And She Cooks Too said...

You know what, it almost seems like that the missing tooth is exactly what James has been missing, it totally fits him and I love it! And Happy Birthday Jason! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see you decked out house for Christmas!