Monday, November 17, 2008

Aunt Megan's wedding

My baby sister was married November 1st - our little baby is all grown up... she is so pretty. We love our little Mega Dega. This is Megan with all the girl grandchildren. My mom made all these beautiful dresses.
Aren't they gorgeous girls! Avery (Kelly's in orange), Abby & Molly (Josh's in green), Ashley & Lexli (Joey's in gold), Grace (Jared's in purple)

James standing apart from the crowd.

My girls with my baby sister.

Sunny - maid of honor & our beautiful bride.

The sister's - Mare, Sunny, Allison, Megan, Kelly & Leslie.

Leslie & Jimmy with their 3 crazy boys (Jackson, "Yum-yum" William, and Tommy)

Kelly & Lloyd with their kids (Ethan, Aidan & Avery)

Jared & his kids - (Jordan, Michael, and Grace)

Joey & his two - (Alexis & Ashley)

Josh & Alea & their girls (Molly Mae & Abby Lynn)

Megan made these flowers for all the girls hair (ALL the girls - including all of her sisters)

Paige & Maren - bff's (I can wish, right?)

The Happy couple - Dyson (Tyson) and Megan Rose

My little sugar being passed around and kissed all over the entire reception.

Avery, Molly Mae & Grace - such pretty girls.

The table arrangements - made by me... yes, darling I know - they rock!

big sisters & baby brothers - Aidan, Avery, James & Paige

The scrumptious cakes made by Kelly - aren't they loverly?

The bride's parents (empty nester's, yeah right!) - bitter sweet... happy to see their baby with Dyson, but sad to watch her grow up.

My mom & sister came up with this crazy idea of draping plastic across the ceiling. I thought they were crazy, but it turned out amazing. Also, they did this reception on next to nothing & it turned out amazing.

Dyson - my new brother in law. Does he fit my crazy family or what? He is funny & even though Josh laughs a little too hard at his jokes... he is a keeper.

My dad & my baby girl... two favorites in one picture. LOve them! I stood across the room and watched him talk to her and look into her eyes. I'm so glad that Abbey has a great dad to raise her. They make all the difference in the world.

Avery caught the bouquet toss. Watch out Kelly She looks a little too happy about it.

And lastly "the cake fight" - is that how most receptions end or just ours?


JC and Jen Young said...

What a pretty wedding I think that is why your mom had all you girls you all have your amazing talents. You all did a wonderful job it looks like, Megan looks beautiful

Jill Manning said...

I think this is the first cultural hall reception that honestly did not resemble a cultural hall at guys did an amazing job!!! And yes Maren, the center pieces for fab!!!! What a fun time to be with family!!!

Jennifer Greer said...

I love the colors! How the crap did they drap the fabic?!? Absolutley beautiful! As always, Abbey looks adorable.

disneyking said...

Love all the pics. It's soo great to see the family. Looks like you had a great time. Mega congrats. to Megs and way to go on the decorations. That place looked amazing!