Tuesday, May 26, 2009

San Diego - Sea World

I was planning on having these uploaded while we were in the big San D, but every night when we got back to the hotel (8-ish) I just wanted to pass out instead of deal with blogging (why is it blogging also sometimes feels like a chore? do the laundry, mop the floor, blog about vacation, take out the garbage...) huh. 

We spent 2 days at Sea World. This was our favorite show. We got splashed... no. we got soaked the first time. By the time we saw the show again I had bought us ponchos at Target in the dollar section. It was worth $4 to not be drenched on an overcasty drizzly day.

This is Paige's bff "Bubbles" - actually the second time we saw the show Paige was trying to fake injuries or come up with any excuse to move so "Bubbles" wouldn't soak her again, little did she know in all her anxiety she missed the part with "Bubbles" all together.

Waiting for the "Dog/Cat" show to start. The benches were soaked so we had wet bumblebees, waiting for this show. This was actually a lot more entertaining then we thought it would be, and was probably on their top five list of favorite shows at Sea World.

Paige with not a care in the world as we wait for the Dog/Cat show to start.

This was Ethan's favorite ride. It's very "Star Tours-ish" (like Disneylands ride) - but they all loved it. Ethan wanted to go on it every chance he could.

different species... yet so similar at times.

See what I mean?

This was the big "get wet ride" at Sea World. It was a little less then I expected. But Sea World is more about shows & amazing animals then rides. Rides are more of a fun way to cool off instead of getting splashed by a dolphin.

Inside the shark tank. I forgot my camera so I took a few with my cell phone... that's why they might look a little funny.

Beware sharks.

This was actually over at the helicopter "hopti-topter" (as James used to say) - ride, after you get off the copter you are in the artic with amazing animals.

James & Paige subdued in the shark tank

Paige & Ethan exploring.

Watching the Baluga whale in the Artic tank. If you ask James he will sing the baby Baluga song for you that he learned last year in preschool. It is so adorable. He sang it to the hostess at the Baluga tank. She was completely taken by his sweet little voice.

AZ kids freezing in the artic.

Abbey, Jason & Ethan before getting splashed by dolphins and Bubbles.

Jason's one fear = sharks (don't let you kids watch Jaws at 4 years old, it will warp them forever)

James loves sharks... of course he does.

This was the set for the Cirque de la Mer. It was really cool, if you've seen Mystiere or Cirque de Soliel - it along those same lines. Really amazing and fun.

Shark teeth... kind of intimidating from this point of view.

Paige's favorite ride, the Gondola's. They take you out of the park over the bay and back. It was really cool until I looked down - yikes! I'm getting old. 

unloading the boys

This was probably our favorite animal encounter. We got to feed the bat rays. Jason probably spent $50 in food (fish) to feed animals over the two days. The kids loved the experience and were brave enough to touch them. It was really fun to watch.

This was crappy tomato head baby. We gave her a sunburn (her first) by not covering her in sunscreen or wearing hats. 

She was fine, but I felt horrible. I ran to Target and bought us all hats and sunscreen. We were prepared the rest of the trip.

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The Nielson Family said...

I loved seein your pics of your vacation. So who all went? I am sitting here, that looks like one of Kelly's kids.=) Looks like you had fun, that is awesome.