Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Abbey's a year and its flow by

I can't believe my baby is already one years old. It's amazing how when you get older time speeds up and you barely feel like your catching your breath and your baby isn't so tiny anymore.

I've enjoyed Abbey's babyhood. She is a funny little parrot. I feel out of all my kids she has my sense of humor (or maybe she is just too little to think I'm a dork, yet)

My kids are so proud of her. Just this last weekend she started crawling like a "real baby" (on all fours) - but she is much faster at her "cockroach crawl" and resorts to that more often. She also spins 360' on her hiney. It's funny to watch, and she thinks the world of Paige & James.

SHe lights up whenever Paige comes around and Paige is the first to try and make her happy. She thinks James is hilarious with his loud ways and is constantly laughing at him which just eggs him on even more.

She is super independent. She gave up baby food at 2 teeth and 9 months. She loves pb&j sandwiches, nana's (banana) and "Pipa" (our dog). She also says "Hi mama" and "hut ho hut ho hut ho" when she purposely drops something. I sing a couple songs that my dad sang to me as a kid. "Night, night Abbers. Night night Abbers. Night night Abbers, it's time to go to .... (I pull her binki out of her mouth and most times she will say) "beh"... (bed), Also "Abba-daba-daba said the monkey to the moon" and she will smile cuz she knows it's her song. She has been a blessing and a joy to our lives and has made this last year amazing. We love you Aburps.


Brett and Emily said...

Happy Birthday! She looks so much like Paige!

the Picketts said...

Holy cow! You updated your blog! YEA! Happy Birthday to Abby- what a cutie she is! And i love what Paige said- kid talk is the best!

Stacey said...

oh my. she is just so sweet! I think she looks like you too! And, wow, I wish I were around to enjoy her cuteness. I would just gobble her up!

Tara said...

Maren, she is so stinkin cute. I haven't even seen her. She looks so much like you. Your kids are beautiful and getting so big. Miss you.

Cassandra said...

How cute!! It's times like these I wish everyone lived closer! Time definitely flies!