Saturday, December 15, 2007

... does the bell still ring for you?

Children sleeping, snow is softly falling. Dreams are calling like bells in the distance. We were dreamers not so long ago, but one by one we all had to grow up. When it seems the magic's slipped away... we find it all again on Christmas day

Believe in what your heart is saying. Hear the melody that's playing. There's no time to waste. There's so much to celebrate. Believe in what you feel inside, and give your dreams the wings to fly. You have everything you need, if you just believe.

Trains move quickly to their journey's end. Destinations are where we begin again. Ships go sailing far across the sea, trusting starlight to get where they need to be. When it seems that we have lost our way, we find ourselves again on Christmas day.

The best time of the year, when everyone comes home. With all this Christmas cheer, it's hard to be alone. Putting up the Christmas tree with friends who come around. It's so much fun when Christmas Comes to Town.

Presents for the children wrapped in red and green. All the things I've heard about, but never really seen. No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve hoping Santa's on his way. When Santa's sleigh bells ring, I listen all around. The herald angels sing. I never hear a sound. When all the dreams of children, once lost will all be found. That's all I want When Christmas Comes to Town. That's all I want when Christmas Comes to Town.

The above lyrics are from The Polar Express soundtrack. The songs Believe & When Christmas Come to Town are my two favorites. James really loves the Hot Chocolate Song & Paige is partial to The Polar Express Song. If you haven't a clue of what I am talking about. Do yourself a favor, welcome yourself into this decade of kids movies, and rent the movie. It is worth it. Also to check out the experience you can click here.

We went to Polar Express this last weekend with Jason's family. It is so much fun and a really great tradition for the young & old. I love that the couple sitting behind us in the train were an elderly couple with no kids. You are never too old to believe in the magic of Christmas. We were fortunate enough to have some good snow this year. We stayed over night in the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, and rode the train that night. You board, sing carols, go for a great ride, they pass out cookies & hot chocolate, read the story of the Polar Express. Santa boards the train and gives each child a bell. It is so great! We have done it the last 2 years and I am so glad. It really is a great time to be together & fairly inexpensive for a family of 4. You have to book way in advance (FYI) - Anyway, it reminds me to listen for the bell this time of year and every year... to never loose the magic of Christmas in your heart!


The Blakes said...

I loved this post! Trent promised me we could go on the Polar Express when Ty is old enough to enjoy it. That means next year as far as I'm concerned! I loved the pictures and the lyrics!!!

The McMillans said...

I love this movie. I find myself saying over and over, I believe, I believe. I also love the song makes me cry, it's wonderful. Thank you for sharing such a sweet entry. As things get more chaotic, it's nice to be reminded of the beauty of this season.

Jill Manning said...

I have heard of the Polar Express train ride and I have been dying to go on it. It just sounds so magical! I loved this entry as well! I loved the book growing up and have always had little bit of a Jingle Bells/Christmas Bells infatuation ever since! My inner-child gets younger and younger each Christmas and I love it!

Nikki said...

I loved the movie, but only seen it once. I need to watch it again and listen to the music a little better. Thank you for the little reminder of remembering what its about. I hope that one day my family can take the polar exress adventure. Cute Blog!