Monday, October 29, 2007

My Hunter...

Safford, AZ - I'm still not quite sure where it is. I think SE Arizona. It looks really nice though. Jason said they would hike all day long for 3 days.

I am hunter hear me roar... I never really understood the basic instinct to hunt and conquer. I think it really is a guy thing. Jason took his 1st trip by himself since we've been married. The kids & I leave him every chance we get (for example we are going to Disneyland without him starting tomorrow) but this was his first time out. He went hunting with his cousin Jeremy Greer (his BFF - he'd kill me if he knew I called him that) They were drawn in the hunt and I was actually shocked that Jason got something on his first time out. Someone made a remark that they were hunting with canons and it was basically impossible for them to miss. Anyway, I had to crop the photo - believe it or not this was the least gruesome of all the pictures. I guess, 'tis the season. Just don't look too closely at the deer... makes me queasy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

He's just a little Dopey

Since we will be "gone" for the next couple weeks (to St. Johns, AZ & Disneyland) without Jason - I thought I would dedicate a blog to him (and the fact that he never reads it - means I can say whatever the hell I want) - and write as much as I want (your going to skim through all the boring parts anyway - so why should I care?) Last Friday the Bunko group I belong to had a Halloween Bunko Party which included the husbands. Each couple were to come dressed as a dynamic duo. I fretted over what to do, I considered Lucy & Desi, or Pirate Princess & random guy off the street, or Little Boy Peep & regular Joe. Each costume combo I came up with had to have little to no costume for Jason. He doesn't dress up. I'm crazy lady must-have-a-new-costume-for-each-year/let's-wear-family-themed-costume-etc. verses Jason who loves to carve pumpkins, make carmel corn, go to parties, watch scary movies, and pass out candy - but he doesn't do costumes. I ran out of ideas, money, and time and decided to dredge up the old Snow White costume of '01 and call it good. I would take Jason as he is - because that is who he is and damn if I don't love him with all his male stubbornness.

I called from school to ask if he could finish up a salad I had started earlier that day. I was on my way home from tutoring and only had a few minutes to whip out my costume before we had to go. I came home walked in the kitchen and saw no salad. What the... ? He had plenty of time - what did he think he was doing? I walked into my bathroom and saw my husband standing in scrub bottoms with a green t-shirt, a bald plastic cap glued to his head, smothered in my cover-up makeup, trying to glue a ginormous ear to his head. I thought "this is an interesting costume... he's one-elephantitus-ear-doctor-man" then it dawned on me what he was doing... He was Dopey. He is Dopey. I had to hold it in to keep from laughing my head off. He looked hilarious! But his costume wasn't completed. He put on slippers, belt, and had a really nice plushy coat with huge buttons & patches. I thought - 'That must have cost a pretty penny from the Disney Store- this is not the cheap crap you buy from Party City' - so we went and had a great time. Everyone loved our costumes. We almost won the costume contest (and I DID vote for us - hang the lame rule of not voting for yourself, duh.) Then we picked up the kids & came home. I asked Jason where he bought his costume and he told me he had got the robe from Marshalls... wait a minute - the robe? (Now is a good time to grab your hankies, ladies) Yes. My husband had bought a robe, bought buttons from Joann's & sewed them on with patches on the elbows using brown yarn. He did such a great job - he totally had me fooled. I am an apronista. I am not easily fooled. Before, I was so gratified that he had come up with a costume & dressed up for me, now I was beyond words that he went to such lengths for me. I cried. It was overwhelming. How glad am I that I didn't settle for Prince Charming (some witty fellow in tights) but waited for my Dopey. My true blue forever and ever Dopey! I love you Jason. You rock my world.

Potty Training Update

Well... It's been almost a month since we started. The only thing I've learned is endurance. From what I surmise and have learned from talking to other "potty trainers" you have to be dedicated. That's about it. If your going to do it - you have to commit yourself to a month.
James went through 4 cycles:
1. This potty training is a cool new thing & I get free trains - yahooo! I can do this
2. It's really not cool anymore - I don't really care if my underwear is wet or not, I really liked the diaper. When I can I have it back?
3. Am I wet? ohhh... I hadn't noticed. Oh, ooops I just peed on my mom's lap. Sucks to be her.
4. Okay. I guess I will go on the toilet if she reminds me. I do hate washing out my own poopie underwear. Maybe someday I will be fully trained. Who knows?
My 4 cycles:
1. We can do this. We are a team. So what if I have to do 16 loads of laundry a day. I can handle it. The trains were pricey but after this week it will be worth it.
2. This is a lot harder then I thought. Maybe it will take longer than a week. James will wash out his own poopies - maybe that will help.
3. This is the 7th circle of HELL. Dante must have had a 3 year old boy he was trying to pt when he wrote "Inferno" - I'm ready to embrace the diaper as a part of our normal existence.
4. So we're getting better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have had to up my caffeine intake, but I think we might actually make it through... not any time soon, but I no longer want to hide from my son every time he wets his pants.
Take it or leave it - that's potty training. It sucks. Just pray you have girls... they are easy peasy rice and cheesey.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cousins are the Best!

Target trip... okay so most would consider a "road trip" a good time, but my kids love Target (I started brainwashing them while they were young)... I get to do a little shopping, they get to eat popcorn & drink slushees - it's really a win/win situation.

So Target has this brand new section of their store called, Dress-up Aisle. It's so fun. You can try everything on and goof off to your hearts content! My kids & their cousins had a blast! Let's hear it for Target looking out for us mothers, they know that if the kids are happy - chances are the moms are too.

Jordyn & James BFF's (They are both little devils - only Jordyn chose to disclose her true self for all to see)...

Look how white James teen are. I couldn't be more proud about his dedication to oral hygiene. Maybe I should be concerned that his lower jaw is completely missing, but I knew all those visits to Dr. Adams would pay off. Just flashing those pearly whites!

Some might think Paige's BFF (Sadie) true hair color is blond. Actually I'd like to point out it is orange. She's a true orange at heart. Acts like an orange every chance she can get. That crazy little orange head.

Jordyn going goth. I think she might be a little "Young" for the goth scene, but she knows her own self. Go Goth Girl, you wear that black and pierce things.

Okay so maybe she is just following in mommies footsteps. I hear they are making a new movie in St. Johns called "Mommies Gone Wild" and Aunt Jen supposedly has a segment on Goth Mommies. Small town, kinda quiet, who knew? We love our cousins!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

fall means food... right?

What is it about fall that turns my head towards sweet oh so fattening foods. Is it that hibernation mode we switch into to get through the winter months... I mean heaven forbid I actually loose weight this time of year. It's practically unheard of (trust me when I tell you that weight watchers meetings get a might sparse this time of year).

So last Sunday, my trusty partner in crime and I decided to make carmel corn, not the ooey-gooey carmel balls, but the crunchy stick to your teeth kind. The pictures above are when we first decided to venture this yumalicious dessert. See our fresh faces and cleanish kitchen? It did not last my fellow friends (and stalkers)... We popped the popcarn (not a misspelling - I am from Utar) the old fashioned way with a real lidless pan, hot oil, and plastic plate. If you do not know the method, ask my dad. He is the king of mismatch kitchenware.

Paige after tasting our first batch of popcorn... just kidding - she is just overly dramatic. I wonder where the h... she gets that from?

Crazy girls having lots of fun & getting a little sick off of all the sugar we ingested. There might have actually been a few kernels left when we were finished with it.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Halloween plans for the Buchanan's

This year for Halloween we will be in Disneyland. Could I be any more excited? I'm not sure that I can. It feels like forever since we were there last (I think it was March or May) which might not sound like that long ago, but when you have season passes, it feels like an eternity. When we go, we like to go for 5 days. My dad was like, 'what? 5 days don't you get bored after the 2nd day' (he's learned since then how nice it is to space things out). I think if your going to drag kids anywhere you need to give yourself enough space and time to enjoy it. We go for 5 days so we can take things at a reasonable pace and see ALL the shows, parades, special events, etc. We really take the time to enjoy our trip. This year for Halloween we bought tickets for a special Trick or' Treat event. We've never done it before, but from what I understand it is a closed section of the park with trick or treating with characters, music, food, games, etc. I will give you the low-down on it when we get back... but also for all you (adult) dress up fanatics, this is the one time you can dress up and be in the park. Paige wants me to be either Lady Tremaine (Cinderella's wicked stepmother or the fairy godmother, I want to be a princess).

I am also excited to experience the Halloween version of one of the best kept secrets at the park. There is a place called "Little Patch of Heaven" it's located at the back of Frontierland - right behind the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Normally it is the cutest little petting zoo. In the spring & summer they have smallish livestock; goats, pigs, cow, horse, turkeys, sheep, etc. There is a small cabin where the kids can color pictures and they usually have a few farm hands wandering about to keep the kids from hurting the livestock or vice versa. At Christmas last year they had the cabin decorated up so cute, live reindeer for the kids to pet, and you could meet Santa Claus. The kids could take pictures with him and then in the picnic area next door was Mrs. Claus decorating cookies with the kids. They had a magician and singers that would preform on a small stage. It was so cool to just hang out in a fun festive atmosphere while Paige decorated cookies with Mrs. Claus (she was with Paige alone for at least 10 to 15 minutes). Paige also got to meet "Baa-key" a fat chicken on the older cartoons. It was a highlight of that trip.

Okay so to get to my point, at Halloween they have "Woody's Halloween Roundup" where you can hang out with Jesse & Woody, you can decorate Halloween cookies & listen to ghost stories. I am so excited. This is what makes Disney so magic - there are these little nuggets of fun. No one is in a rush - your excited to stand in line (to meet Santa etc.) and it's just a time to take things slow and be together. Okay that's my two cents. If you want suggestions on what to do on your next trip -Beware, my friend Amber ended up with 6 pages of shtuff... I am pretty full of it after all.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

family night out (aka... FHE)

So the Buchanan's have been slackers for the last 5 or so years - but we did our first FHE Monday night. It turned out pretty fun. Jason was working at the hospital late so we met him at the Toys R'Us in Awutukee. We hung out and let the kids figure out what to put on their Christmas lists this year (hoping to give Santa a heads up so he can start buying early and when things go on sale - rather then the week before). We went out to Mimi's Cafe after for dinner (Paige's favorite restaurant) - and the kids didn't get to bed til after 8pm. That's a pretty wild night out for us.

Also it gave Paige a chance to figure out what she really wants to save her money for. She loves doing odd jobs to earn money, and before she would buy "daughters" (Polly Pocket sized Disney Princesses) now that she owns all of them a couple times over - we thought she needed to save for bigger things. This summer she saved up and bought a fish tank and her first beta fish that she named "Cody Mack Scrouch Buchanan" after her baby cousin. Well, after our FHE night out she decided she wants a digital camera & "heely-ish" type shoe/skates combo. It's a great goal because it not only teaches her to save, work hard, and be thifty - but she has also learned the concept of tithing. She's my good girl.

(daughters) (shoe/skates) (really cool digital camers)