Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cousins are the Best!

Target trip... okay so most would consider a "road trip" a good time, but my kids love Target (I started brainwashing them while they were young)... I get to do a little shopping, they get to eat popcorn & drink slushees - it's really a win/win situation.

So Target has this brand new section of their store called, Dress-up Aisle. It's so fun. You can try everything on and goof off to your hearts content! My kids & their cousins had a blast! Let's hear it for Target looking out for us mothers, they know that if the kids are happy - chances are the moms are too.

Jordyn & James BFF's (They are both little devils - only Jordyn chose to disclose her true self for all to see)...

Look how white James teen are. I couldn't be more proud about his dedication to oral hygiene. Maybe I should be concerned that his lower jaw is completely missing, but I knew all those visits to Dr. Adams would pay off. Just flashing those pearly whites!

Some might think Paige's BFF (Sadie) true hair color is blond. Actually I'd like to point out it is orange. She's a true orange at heart. Acts like an orange every chance she can get. That crazy little orange head.

Jordyn going goth. I think she might be a little "Young" for the goth scene, but she knows her own self. Go Goth Girl, you wear that black and pierce things.

Okay so maybe she is just following in mommies footsteps. I hear they are making a new movie in St. Johns called "Mommies Gone Wild" and Aunt Jen supposedly has a segment on Goth Mommies. Small town, kinda quiet, who knew? We love our cousins!


The Blakes said...

I had no idea there was a dress up aisle at Target! My favorite place just became even better! Am I correct to assume that no mask or wig went unmodeled on this visit?

The AZ McMillans said...

Cousins are the best! They're like built-in best friends. Dress-up time looked like tons of fun.

The McMillans said...

I have similar feelings for target: Love the buyers...every season, every holiday is like a visual bliss for one's vision delight. Love that you tried on all the costumes...that is so something my sister and I would do. Wait,...we have!!!!

JC & Jen Young said...

Damn those are some cute kids...ther mom is pretty hot too. Your last blog really got me in the mood for carmel corn so guess what i made today yep carmel corn, butterscotch/chocolate chips and banana bread. Thanks for the great idea.

disneyking said...

Ahh Mare.
Lovin' the blog. And we'll have to head up to our Target and see if they do something similar.
Sooo jealous that you're heading to the Mouse House over Halloween. Please take loads of pics. and post them. I wish soo bad we were going with!
As for me being a Senator... You're nice to humor me. But can you really imagine me in a position of power?? Nothing would ever get done. I'd move the entire country down to Australia by way of 4 million tug boats so we could have AZ. weather the whole year through!