Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Potty Training Update

Well... It's been almost a month since we started. The only thing I've learned is endurance. From what I surmise and have learned from talking to other "potty trainers" you have to be dedicated. That's about it. If your going to do it - you have to commit yourself to a month.
James went through 4 cycles:
1. This potty training is a cool new thing & I get free trains - yahooo! I can do this
2. It's really not cool anymore - I don't really care if my underwear is wet or not, I really liked the diaper. When I can I have it back?
3. Am I wet? ohhh... I hadn't noticed. Oh, ooops I just peed on my mom's lap. Sucks to be her.
4. Okay. I guess I will go on the toilet if she reminds me. I do hate washing out my own poopie underwear. Maybe someday I will be fully trained. Who knows?
My 4 cycles:
1. We can do this. We are a team. So what if I have to do 16 loads of laundry a day. I can handle it. The trains were pricey but after this week it will be worth it.
2. This is a lot harder then I thought. Maybe it will take longer than a week. James will wash out his own poopies - maybe that will help.
3. This is the 7th circle of HELL. Dante must have had a 3 year old boy he was trying to pt when he wrote "Inferno" - I'm ready to embrace the diaper as a part of our normal existence.
4. So we're getting better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have had to up my caffeine intake, but I think we might actually make it through... not any time soon, but I no longer want to hide from my son every time he wets his pants.
Take it or leave it - that's potty training. It sucks. Just pray you have girls... they are easy peasy rice and cheesey.


Jill Manning said...

With a face like that, how can you be mad for too long? I guess if he pees on your lap, you could! You are a trooper and will be calling when it is my turn!

JC & Jen Young said...

Don't say that, Cody has to be a good potty trainer, this is way had had 2 girls first. Hopefully he didn't pee on your lap except that once, it was kinda funny.