Monday, January 21, 2008

Paige's Tea Party

Paige has been begging me for the longest time to have a Tea Party. I thought that since they were out of school for MLK day and in the spirit of peace and good will towards men (or mothers & daughters) that I would grant her wish. It was also a good excuse to keep her busy and play with some friends that she doesn't see very often. She planned the events and even showed up in her best Tea Party attire, but was less helpful in cleaning her room, making the snacks, and cleaning up afterwards (infact I felt more like Cinderella who missed the fun of the carefree ball) at least I had a great helper (thanks Asia!).

Paige decided that each of her guests needed a princess tiara, jewelry, & makeup. So when the loverly little ladies arrived, they either came lavishly adorned or got to pick out of our dress up box. Hair was done, and makeup (not so sparingly adorned) each pretty girl along with a generous proportion of body glitter on every last inch of skin from cuff to collar. We made shrinky jewelry that wasn't so great (warning: try it out ahead of time - some disappointed girls) but we also made heart shaped refrigerator magnets that were so easy to make and as cute as can be. Which everyone enjoyed while snacking on bite size pb&j sands, fishie crackers, marshmallows, chocolate robin eggs, cheese & crackers, and valentine suckers (can we say SUGAR OVERLOAD? - any ideas who planned the menu?)

Some of her beautiful guests included: Jessica (from preschool), Olivia (our neighbor), and Summer (from Paige's kindergarten class - she's the one all the boys love - it's not hard to see why) - Thanks to Summers mom as well for sticking around and helping with all the projects!

Elle (from preschool), Asia (Paige's cousin from Grandma Nette's side), and Leah (cousin from Grandpa Ron's side). We only had one small scuffle over who got the pink tea cup and graciously, Jessica let the hostess have her way and was content with a pink sippy cup. Thank heavens the drama stayed on the down low... except for one last little surprise party crasher we had in our midst's.

It wouldn't be a party without an official party crasher! James aka Spider made an appearance chased, kissed, and hugged on the girls. He had almost as much fun as the guests.


The Blakes said...

You are such a fun mom! It's things like hosting Tea Parties that make me want a daughter! I'm a teeny bit sad I wasn't invited, but I understand there was probably an age limit and no dress my size in the dress up box. Perhaps I've stumbled on a future Bunko theme...

P.S. Lunch? Soon? Egg salad sandwiches? It's been too long!

Jill Manning said...

What a great time for Paige and all of her really are a great mom for putting all that together and I am so glad that the drama was at a minimum...those little princesses can be little divas when given the chance (ever seen Shrek the Third?). Can we have an adult tea party and dress up and eat goodies?