Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the best reasons for living in Arizona!

It's summertime... It's in the 90's and the bathing suits have come out in full force! We don't have to look for an excuse to get in the water. Arizona actually means: "get thee to the water"

The other cool thing about "the valley of the sun" is that there are splash parks all over & the public pools are chock full of water features that look like Willy Wonka must have created them.

We went today to our favorite The Tempe Splash Park. It is actually a few weeks late in opening. The have remodeled & taken out the sand area from last year. I'm not that sad. The sand is like 300' degrees in the summer time. This is hands down the best way to cool off.

Paige had a "play date" with our good friend "Libia" (Olivia) after school and played fast & furious for about an hour before we were ready to head home. It's only about 5 minutes from our house which adds to the good times. We headed home to enjoy a couple popsicles.

One other cool thing I got to do today was be a part of a research focus group for popsicle products. The best thing was - taste testing! yum, yum, yum! What we did most was to discuss this new "slow melt" popsicle. They use gelatin to slow the melting process, most people would say "duh. It's a popsicle, they are engineered to melt". But when you live in AZ and you grocery shop in the summer, you can't leave your car running - and your lucky if you get home with out little baggies of melted goo.
Anyway, We got to try them and mine was gone before you could say "brainfreeze" - but the group leader left one sitting out for like 20 minutes. It made me so nervous, but when he did open it - it hadn't started melting. I was impressed. Anyway, for what it's worth... I actually got paid to be overly opinionated today! My dreams are coming true at last!


The AZ McMillans said...

I love the pigtails on Paige. So cute! I've eaten like 5 of those popsicles since you brought them over yesterday. I know you probably intended them for the kids, but I've enjoyed them much more. :)

Jill Manning said...

Long lasting popsicles? Now that sounds like something Willy Wonka made up! What a great concept and what a fun thing for you to be a part of and to get paid for! Voice your opinions proudly Maren, voice them loud!

JC & Jen Young said...

How fun we need to take all the kids there next time I am in town mine would love that even cody! How did you get involed in that test group?