Friday, May 9, 2008

this explains a lot about me (and James)

The breakfast of champions... Maybe this was the cause of James being a 10lbs. 2 oz. baby. But somedays you just need it. My friend Christie made me the sugar cookies to celebrate Teacher Appreciation week. I felt pretty appreciated. She said I didn't have to share - so I didn't. Even when Paige was crying and carrying on for a cookie. I held out. My kids eat crap all the time. Just Wednesday I was out doing yard work after dropping Paige off at school, when I came in the house James was neked on the couch eating Bubblegum icecream from the carton watching TV. I understand icecream & TV... but really were clothes just too much to ask of one little boy?


The Blakes said...

Just thought I should tell you that I'm stuffing cream puffs into my mouth as I read this. Glad we're friends, sugar!

The McMillans said...

10.2 pounds? That is awesome. I say eat more cookies, and bring on the baby deluxe. I say eat away, you are pregnant.