Thursday, May 22, 2008

my baby graduates!

This is Carla, Maryssa, Summer, Logan, Max, and Paige. They are the top students in her class and have all turned into great friends this year. It's nice to hear her talk about her friends and getting to know them individually has been so much fun. They are a great group of kids!

This is Mrs. Christopher who teaches kindergarten at Whittier. She was the perfect choice for Paige. Deciding which school to go to and then trusting other moms about what teacher to have was so stressful at the beginning of the school year, but Mrs. Christopher was a the best choice. She is well organized, maintains order and schedule in her classroom, and keeps everything together (even when she had almost 30 kids this year) - She has an amazing amount of patience and Paige really loved her. Paige reads and writes so well and I'm grateful to Mrs. Christopher's teaching methods & homework sheets that started Paige down the road to where she loves books & reading.

These are Mrs. Christopher's aides, Mrs. Reynolds & Miss Kay. Paige loves both of them. Mrs. Reynolds is always available with a kind word or a hug. She is always gentle and sweet with others & especially the kids, and Miss Kay who only joined the class a month or so ago is the homework lady who we don't want to mess with. Paige has been really consistent with homework this year and I have seen a lot of improvements. I have gotten to know both of these ladies over the year while volunteering in her class. I suggest other parents to make time for it and get involved , if your not already! It's the best! I feel I have a good understanding of what happens inside the classroom and know the other kids she talks about. Where has the time gone? My baby is growing up so fast!


JC & Jen Young said...

Paige we are so happy for you. I am not surprised that you are a top student you are so smart you and Sadie will be such big first graders next year!!!

The McMillans said...

Paige is so cute, I wish we could meet her and your family.

Congrats Paige, congrats mom and dad!

KAT said...

That's wonderful that you and Paige loved her teacher and aides so much. Good teachers make such a big difference.