Sunday, January 11, 2009

a little update...

I got non-verbally reprimanded for not posting in awhile. Sorry to my one reader out there. But I'm trying to get registered for my last semester of school while keeping preschool going, helping out at my kids schools, and remembering to fix dinner once in awhile (oh, and sewing 11 little girl aprons for Paige's upcoming tea party)... so, I'm really good at making up excuses (if you can't tell) and no one really wants to read my ramblings - so I will get on to the one thing you do care about - pictures of kiddies!! Here you go.

I was trying to explain to Abbey that this is what "normal" babies look like...

Instead of her 70's love-child over abundance of hair that she was born with.

And this is what you get when you have a 3 month old with a load of hair - teenie tiny piggie tails.

I made the kids have a photo shoot. Probably because it was the first day during the entire break that we were all dressed and clean.

James is such a ham for the camera.

He just can't get enough of himself (okay. so he probably gets that from me - I do think I'm rather hilarious at times, Jason just rolls his eyes)

I had to include this. We had a really quiet Christmas Eve with my kids at Jason's parents house. We read the nativity & I've never seen a more solemn Mary. She was gorgeous and every bit as serious as if she were really there to see the blessed event.

I was asking her where Baby Jesus was, but we hadn't got to that part in the story and she kept the baby hidden until it said he was born and then she brought him out. It was so adorable. Paige was just gorgeous & James surprisingly did nothing to embarrass his character as well.

We had a Girls Pedicure Night. Paige got all kinds of nail polish for Christmas so we broke it out and had a painting party.

Abbey got pink & her piggies are so tiny and adorable (so why do my feet look hobbit-esque in comparison?!)

Paige loved the lilac purple and pink on her toes, just like her little sis.

At the park feeding the ducks popcorn.

Abbey hanging out like the sweetie that she is.

This picture reminded me how carefree and wonderful it is to be a kid. If I could just go back for just one day I would do it in a heartbeat!

The ducks didn't care for our unbuttered unsalted popcorn, so the kids decided to climb on the rocks instead.

This girl is just so beautiful - I still doubt that there wasn't a mix up at the hospital.

I warned Abbey that this is her life and the sooner she gets used to it the better off she will be. My little sister Megan can attest to that. It only gets worse as you get older.


Joele and Matt said...

Cute, cute pics!! I can't believe that Abby already has little pigtails. My girls didn't have enough hair for that until they were almost 3!

D'N K said...

Abby is so big, wow. I love her hair. I'm so jelouse. My little girl was bald until she was 2. Your kids are darling. Love the aprons!!

Jill Manning said...

Maren, I love the blog makeover. And I think Abbey and Elsie were in heaven together and Abbey probably spent all day at the hair store while Elsie spent all of her time in the height store. I can't believe you can put her hair in piggy tails...that is adorable!!! She is such a great baby!

RatalieNose said...

Love the apron!Oh and btw my friends made up the chipmunk thing because of my cheeks :) but i do like the tiger thing!