Wednesday, June 10, 2009

making dolls with dolls

I had some innocent victims over today. Sometimes it's just nice to play with other peoples kids instead of your own. My cousins kids were left up to my care and we had us some good times. 

I thought they would love the pool.They liked the pool... the whole 15 minutes they were in it. Then they liked the snacks and sitting on their towels in the shade chatting. I think they are still too young to check out the hoard of teenage life guards (who blew their whistles like mad and dove in to get James out quick as he strayed to close to the rope, while I was chatting up other moms not paying attention to anything much at all. yes, still going for worst mom of the year 3rd year in a row now.)

When we got back we decided to make dolls, like glamtastic Raggedy Ann dolls. These took 6 hours longer then we anticipated. Thank goodness for hot glue guns or they might still be over here working away like Santa's elves on Christmas Eve.

This is Macey's Annie doll. All she needed was a pill box hat and fly-esque sunglasses and she would have been a mini Jackie O. The cocktail dress and satin bow is just so demure and adorable.

This is Asia's doll - a bit more sass and check out those ballet inspired Mary Janes. I love the shaggy bangs.

Kristen showed up after five to pick them up, but they conspired against that and used all their persuasive powers to convince us they had to finish them tonight. I had amnesia and for some reason only thought we had another hour or two worth of work left. About 4 hours later Sara came by to take them home.

You have to admit - it was time well spent. And I didn't make them for them or design them at all. This was definitely a team project.... go team glam Annie doll! You girls are too much fun and can come back any time.


Jessie Lewis said...

She looks just like Kristin!

Rachel said...

Next time you do that project, I'd like to pose as an 8 year old so I can be invited over...

RatalieNose said...

Those are FABULOUS!! I agree with Rachel, I wanna come!!