Wednesday, June 3, 2009

San Diego - Beach Day (La Jolla)

In the middle of our week in San Diego we went and saw the sights. I had researched a little about the area and found a few things that I thought our kids would love to see.

The large rock is covered with seals & birds. This beach we went to was called "Children's Pool" in the 1930's it was blasted out to create a small swimming area and was dedicated for Children's use. I'm not sure when the coversion happened, but it now is the coolest hangout for seals.

There had to have been a dozen or so seals hanging about this area.

In this picture Paige is at the La Jolla beach exploring.

This tiny beach is called Shell Beach. It is across from Children's Beach and gives you a good unobtrusive view of the rock & seals.

We decided to spend the day at La Jolla beach which was rated #1 for families. As you can tell it was not crowded (it was mid 60's) but the water was actually quite nice. La Jolla is the site of an underwater park and there were quite a few scuba divers we watched while we were there. 

Here is a brave seal that climbed up on the lookout walkway.

This is the walkway that you can go out & check out the seals without disturbing their environment.

Me & Abbey hanging out at La Jolla Beach. We are a little chilly trying to keep our AZ blood from freezing at any temp below 100 degrees.

Jason & Ethan head straight for the water. Jason had a blast teaching the kids to body surf.

We went to downtown San Diego & ate a fancy pant dinner in the gaslamp district. They had some scrumptious pasta. Here is Paige & James enjoying some yummy gelato.

The Children's Beach is tiny & it is available for public use, but there are some "Sealots" (Seal enthusiasts) who sit at the top of the stairs & discourage people from going onto the beach, the signs let you know it is your choice (but are laden thickly with guilt).

Ethan, Jason & Paigey - body surfing.

Ethan, James & Paige ready for our overcast beach day.

The kids at Shell beach exploring.

James got in and out of the water in record time then complained at how cold he was for the rest of the time we were there. My poor little Arizona blooded boy.


the Picketts said...

What a great trip! Lots of fun pics! Glad you had a great time:) I still cant believe you were so close & didnt go to Disneyland:)

Joele and Matt said...

That Children's beach is so neat. We went there on Kristina's 5th grade fieldtrip. They had a blast. Loved all your pictures. Of course it is never a vacation unless someone gets sunburned on the first day. Bummer for poor Abbey. That is usually me that gets it on ours.