Sunday, March 21, 2010

Disneyland March 2nd-7th

It had been too long. We were sorely missed by all our friends, the cast members, and characters at Disneyland. There was weeping at our long awaited return (mostly by me) as we were greeted with "Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth"

I made my kids some fun Disney wear. Paige has out grown dress ups but loves dressing up like her baby. So I made these skirts and shirts for the girls and James wanted to be apart of the fun. I talk more about the construction and give links for the templates on my sewing blog here.

Abbey walking with her daddy to the park. We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn Maingate - so we were about a block away (plus free breakfast every morning is a definite bonus!).

James's moment of triumph! Finally tall enough to ride the Indianan Jones ride - he's only been talking about it for 2 years now.

He was very apprehensive of the long dark tunnels and Paige giving him an ear full and more.

Abbey met the most characters. We were always in the right place at the right time. This is Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog movie in New Orleans Square. She was so sweet with Abbey.

We walked out of the diaper changing place right into Mary Poppins and Burt. Abbey didn't care for Bert at all because he kept trying to take her binki out of her mouth. She had it set to suction grip.

BFF's - Paige and Grandma Nette

I love going on trips with Jason's parents. They are so patient with my kids and are happy to watch the kids for awhile here and there so we can have a little break. Plus they get our dorky sense of humor.

California Adventure has a lot of changes going on. About 1/3 of the park was under construction for the Little Mermaid ride, The Cars Land, and the Water Show opening later this year and next.

James was chosen for Jedi training and that boy was as serious as a heart attack. He got to defeat Vadar and has been having Jedi dreams and talking about "the force" ever since.

Meeting the mouse.

We went on Toy Story Midway Mania ride about 10 times. Anytime we got even close someone would jump in line. We couldn't get enough of it. Probably the best family ride in all of Cali Ad.

Paige and James promised Jason over a year ago to go on the Tower of Terror. They were both hesitant, but did it. What's more shocking was Paige going on the Maliboomer. She chickened out the first time and after I promised her 2 pins (for her new love, pin trading) she got right in line and loved it.

The carosel is always a classic and rarely a line... actually we had hardly any wait times, even on the weekends, the rain and overcast skies kept people away.

These three are super buggy, this is grandpa's favorite movie.

a girl, a bink, and the man that loves them.

Abbey loved the petting zoo - getting tight down in the muck and the mire to be close to them.

Best part of the day - not fighting with my kids to get them to bed. We came back to the hotel between 7-8pm and they crashed every night.

Autopia junkies. Abbey really does not look amused. James on the other hand is THE WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESS!

We went to La Brea cafe one night for dinner and little Cinderella became obsessed with this broom. She walked all over and would scream when it got caught on chair legs.

Two little sissies - love'n Disneyland.

James and mommy on the buzz light year ride - yahooo! It was a pretty cool week.


Tara said...

I so love to dress up my kids when we go to D.L.. I love (!) the outfits you made your kids. Those are so darn cute. The pictures turned out great. Cute family Mare!

Jill Manning said...

Can I please experience Disneyland Buchanan style? We need to set something up because that would too much fun!