Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break in Tombstone, AZ

This year for Spring Break we visited our cousins in Tombstone, AZ. Jason's sister and her husband moved in January and we were excited to see their new place.

Abbey just chill'n while I got everything ready... no don't get up. I love packing for myself and 3 kids for 3 days. We left Jason at home. Mom and kids road trip.

After almost 4 hours of driving - we get there and my kids gravitate towards the computer? What the?

We did upload some music for Sadie. Paige has been obsessed with Les Miserables since Westwood HS put it on (we had a mommy/daughter date), it was so cute to hear her explain the story to Sadie as we listened to the music.

Cody was happy to see us.

Abbey and her amused looks - she kills me.

Jordyn couldn't get enough of Abbey and followed her around everywhere. She got Abbey to follow her once by getting on all fours and pretending she was a dog.

but we all know the truth... she is a doll!

We went into Sierra Vista to swim with the kids (hottie alert - there is a military base nearby, which explains all the eye candy). The kids had fun on the playground while we waited for the swimming pool to open.

Notice James is not in this picture. After the merry-go-round. He laid on the ground. Threw up and then said, "I feel a lot better mom" and was ready to go.

The pool was pretty cool. Every 15 minutes or so they turned on waves and you would thrash about for a few minutes in the waves and then it would return back to a regular swimming pool.

Abbey was giddy, tired, and hysterical, but had so much fun.

Here she is (purpled lips) ready to be done. I love this swimming suit it was Paige's when she was a baby.

James loved the waves... and surprise - the hot tub (which was huge!!)

Abbey and Paige had fun running around Jen's great yard. Abbey loves to be outside.

Cody giving me a dirty look after he told me not to take a picture of him.

Jordyn and her baby "Jester"

Sadie and Paige had an ongoing fued over wether this guitar was Sadie's or Cody's (not sure it was ever settled)...

James got a visit from Tom the Toothfairy. I couldn't believe he found us all the way in Tombstone and I reminded James that Tom only gives Lego Batman video games when you loose your first tooth naturally (not when it gets knocked out by your sister, then yanked by the dentist)... he was happy with gum and a few bucks.

Abbey was in love with Jester and followed it everywhere, saying "goggie. goggie. goggie."

Jen's yard is sort of fenced in which was nice to just let my baby wander and not have too worry about her too much getting out with the horses.

They have such a lovely wrap around porch.

It's huge, shady, and cool. Perfect for summer nights - we'll definitely be making more trips out their way if they will have us.

We drove into Bisbee, AZ - it's just a few minutes down the road. It is the cutest little town. It looks a lot like San Francisco.

Lots of curvy roads, buildings close together, a lot of homes built on hills only accessible by stairs. Jen and I spent a lot ot time pondering how one gets furniture, vacuum cleaner, even groceries up all those steps without passing out. We were quite tempted to go knock and ask, but that would mean walking up steps... no thanks!

Bisbee doesn't have a lot of kids. It has a new age, artist, Berkeley vibe to it and I think we might have been the only people with kids in the town. A few store owners gasped when they saw 6 small children walk in and Jen and I would gasp when our kids tried touching things.

Abbey was a trooper, but not too thrilled with this train.

I would definitely love to spend a night or two with Jason. Bisbee has a rich history I couldn't help but looking up to find out more about it.

Kids - such a rareity. I'm surprised the cranky old tourists weren't taking pictures of these rare subjects. Even the cool little toy store. I was like, "Don't touch. Don't touch"

This fence was fun and kind of hippy. Paige said it brainwashed her (I think she meant hypnotized her) there were lots of cool spinning wheels.

We ended up in a city park (I think this actually used to be a cemetery) - but Sadie and Paige LOVED the stage and acoustics. We were serenaded by church, kid, Les Mis, and even a few Christmas songs. Abbey was obsessed with a basketball game and made a bee line to any stray ball.

We ended our trip with some delicious ice cream.

Whenever I couldn't find Paige - I would look for Jester first, yep... there's Paige.

I love that Jordyn and James are peas in a pod and do really well together.

Where's Jester?... oh right with Paige. I should have known.

... more puppy love'n.

and again with her two favorite babies. Jester and Abbey who was almost as obsessed with that dog as Paige.

The ranch they live on is huge and although it feels secluded, it's 5 minutes from town. And 20 minutes from Target. A girl can survive in those kind of conditions.

My girls are just so cute.

Here are the kids before we left. James was mad, he wanted to stay a few more days.

(notice no James in this picture as well)...

Cody tried to get in my car twice as we were leaving. Who can say no to that face?

This is a view of their ranch house as we were leaving. They really have a great spread.

Surprisingly we didn't make it to downtown Tombstone - we will save that for next time.

It sure is beautiful country!

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JC and Jen Young said...

We had lots of fun too, I stole some of your pictures and used them on my blog and I linked your site too.