Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Time

I think I love holidays so much because my husband makes this kind of thing fun!

He bought the kids baskets for a big lunch and Easter egg hunt with all his family and cousins.

There was a really nice spread. Lots of yummy food.

They were actually having a burping contest that I think James was winning (or trying to at least) with Sadie in a close second.

Abbey playing in the ice that was dumped out after the party.

She loved walking through it and eating it (grass, dirt, and all)

The swim party after the picnic was a big success.

Grandma Nette bought all the grandkids new swimming suits. 

Cody and Chase hanging out by the pool.

My darling daughter - turned into a bathing beauty.

Macey, Paige, Sadie, Jordyn & James playing crazy kid games.

Can you tell who is orchestrating this game?

Paige loved her suit, and was glad Grandma Nette bought her the right one (one that covered her tummy) - she is such a good girl.

Once Abbey got in the pool it was almost impossible to get her out.

That's one happy baby, trust me - just remove the binki and you'd see a smile.

Jordyn, Paige, and Sadie trying to splash as much as Abbey.

hmmmmm... nummy hot dogs.

The Easter bunny at our house is the coolest! He not only did an Easter egg hunt, but he also had a scavenger hunt. There were these tiny eggs that would say "go look under Paige's bed" or "go look in the linen closet" where they found cool stuff that couldn't fit in Easter baskets. 

Abbey got a broom. She was happy.

James got a huge Dragon kite.

They look a lot alike.

For Easter lunch we headed over to Jason's grandparents house in Sun City. They have the best porch, it looks out over a golf course and they have this huge orange tree that the kids disappear into. Jason's grandma always buys the cutest outfits for all the grandkids.

For FHE the next night - Jason flew kites with the kids.

Jason and James training their dragon kite.

Nice picture huh.

I think Jason had as much fun as the kids.

Paige had a huge butterfly kite that seemed to spend a lot of time on the ground.

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