Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beautiful Paigey Girl

For Paige's baptism, we wanted to have some pictures done to make up into invitations and to document this cool event in Paige's life. I had my friend (and favorite stylist) Chelsea come over and do her hair for me.

Chelsea a gifted stylist and made an already gorgeous girl... look stunning.

My friend Jenna from Jameson photography came and took all the pictures for us. She did an amazing job.

This amazing dress was made by my mom.

She took this dress (my old wedding dress) - I ripped it apart and shipped it to Utah. She drew a few sketches and came up with this gorgeous dress.

It fits her perfectly!

Doesn't her hair look amazing? People pay good money and spend hours in the salon for that kind of  coloring.

I love the temple grounds too - aren't they amazing?

It's like a storybook setting for a beautiful princess.

I love all the shots she took that weren't straight on, but show her personality.

look at those gorgeous eyes.

She is wearing the necklace and bracelet that Jason gave me for our wedding day. 

The earrings she made. They are buttons that we clipped the shanks off of and glued clip-ons too.

There was a wedding party and family that Jenna had to maneuver around. Paige is actually strategically placed to block out a little family.

I can't believe my baby is almost 8! Time flies when your having fun!


Rachel said...

She is such a beauty! And growing up way to fast!

the Picketts said...

awww! chelsea & jenna both did amazing & i LOVE how you used parts of your wedding dres for her dress--- just so "maren" and so special!!

Scott and Jenna said...

I'm glad you got the cd to work! Paige is just gorgeous, she looks like a model with that windblown hair :)

Because I'm the MOM said...

Maren I cant' get over how much she is looking more and more like you only a little blonde. She has always been a beautiful girl, and in her white baptism dress she looks absolutely incredible. I love how well it fit her. What a wonderful day for her. I wish you the best Paige and love you.

Melissa Bosen said...

That is so awesome that she is wearing your wedding dress--made into a baptism dress. I have never heard of anyone doing that before.
Evan was just baptized the end of May. I can't believe we both have 8 year olds! I didn't remember that he and Paige were that close in age.
Hope you guys are doing well.

Nancy said...

Maren, what a great idea, I might have to steal this one when my daughter turns 8, she looks beautiful. I would love for you to link to my skirt on your sewing blog, no problem. Thanks for asking.